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Clutch work @ Cybernation Motorsports

11 January 2002
Tampa, FL, USA
Fellow NSXers,
I wanted to write a note to the members of this board documenting the impressive customer service I received during my recent visit to Cybernation Motorsports in Ft. Lauderdale, FL this past weekend. During my stay there I had a new clutch and Cobalt brakes put in my 94 NSX.

A special thanks to Andie Lin of Cobalt Friction Technologies for all his help and hard work to adjust and "tweak" my car during my stay in Ft. Lauderdale. On my drive back to Tampa, the new brakes felt really strong. Over time, I've realized its not just important how fast your car accelerates...it needs to stop fast too! His knowledge of the NSX is very impressive and his help was very much appreciated.

I wanted to thank the staff at Cybernation(especially Chris and Simon for staying until 9pm! to finish my clutch so I could return to Tampa on time) for all their hard work and excellent customer service. Thanks to Lee and Cleve for the extra effort shown to me while I was in town to make my experience with Cybernation a positive one. Customer satisfaction really is your top priority.

The group at Cybernation definitely has a classy operation whose efforts should not go unnoticed. I am in no way affiliated with Cybernation or Cobalt Friction but just wanted to relay my past pleasant experience there. Thanks again guys!


94 Red/Black