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20 February 2000
Victoria, BC, Canada
I have to almost fully release the clutch to reach the friction point, is it because my clutch is too old and needs to be replaced?

Anyone has experiences with after market clutches? I've looked into the Dali racing and RM racing ones, both of them are OEM modified clutches with different companies. I think Dali was done by centerforce and RM by clutch master. Which one is better? Is it a good idea to change the flywheel along with the clutch? Thanks.
I drag race my 98. In fact, I just won the NIRA Spring Nationals in Comp 6 (normally aspirated 6 cylinder- best time 12.97 @ 109 MPH). My experience with the stock clutch is that it slips and catches high. The service manager at Greenwich Acura (largest NSX dealer in USA) recommended the Comptech Street/Strip Clutch. I did and it works. A little harder on the leg, but catches low with no slip. An added benefit is that it comes with a light weight flywheel and a pressure plate with the throw out bearing integrated. The complete set up is so much lighter than stock that the engine revs quicker in neutral. This may translate into a few extra horse power, although you would need to test on a dyno to be sure.
I currently have Comptech Intake, Headers, Exhaust with Resonator tips and street/strip clutch. HOWEVER, my best time bone stock was 12.87 @ 106 mph. Analysis of my time slips in over about 20 runs shows no improvement in times, only an increase in mph. Discussions with comptech as to why my times didn't improve were fruitless. My best guess, since I didn't do a before and after dyno, is that I traded some low end torque for high end horse power.


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my car has almost the same mod as yours, but I would never dream my car can hit 12 sec.
How do you do it??


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ak, the stock number is with stock Yokohama A022’s.

NSEX, my car is a 98 coupe. Without driver and spare tire, the car weighs 2948 on the scales at Raceway Park with ½ tank of gas. I think that has a lot to do with its performance. Other than that, I just practice the launch and make sure I power shifting before the rev limiter kicks in. Hitting the rev limiter costs about 0.2 seconds. I find the most consistent runs are coming off the line at only about 2000 RPM, and dumping the clutch. This results in almost a bog, but consistent 60’ times of 2.0 and consistent ¼ mile times of 13.0. If I really get the launch right, I can achieve 1.90 60’ times which is how I got the 12.87. The car does all of the work. I also find it difficult to believe that any normally aspirated 6 cylinder car can hit the 12’s. However, I believe that with Mickey Thompson bias ply slicks and Comptech 4.55 ring & pinion, the car is capable of consistent high 12’s. We should all be proud of the fact that the NSX is the fastest normally aspirated 6 cylinder car on the planet. No other car does so much with so little with comfort and reliability to boot!