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Coil Spring Help

20 May 2003
San Jose, CA

I have read many post and searched the forums on which springs rate to get but have not had any luck. My previous 91 NSX has Koni yellows with the ground control coil-overs (spring rate unknown). The car seemed to push at the limit. I have just purchased the Tein Flex system with the EDFC. I know that this type of suspension is mostly for a daily driver but I do plan to autoX and do one or two track days a year with plenty of canyon runs. My question is what spring rate would give me the most neutral handling car? Some post say 12 kg\mm front and 10 kg\mm rear. The Tein Flex come with a 10/12 combo. I think that this would make the car oversteer, therefore I ordered a set of 12/10 springs. I know that the NSX-R has roughly 10/8. The Flex system does not give you an option to have the 10\8 set-up like the NSX-R. So my problem is what rates would give the car the most neutral or slighly oversteer characteristics. I am currently between 12/10 and 10/10. Any information would be very helpful.

I have a 10/12 setup with Tein RA without any other suspension mods. (ie, no R bars, swaybars, non compliances stuff). Yes, I'm bad, I didn't have my alignment done after the install. Somehow, my car goes from neutral to slight understeer. Yes, I don't quite understand why.... I'm leaning towards that the added negative camber gain at rear is relatively bigger than the front.

My take is whatever spring rate 10/10, 10/12, 12/10; Alignment could get your car's more neutral characteristics. Unfortunately, I do not have any magic numbers. My memory is that gerneral concensus from all the track rats/expert recommend the 10/10 setup. Since you are more into AutoX, the setup seems to be a little different than track setup.
10/10 will probably give you your best netrual setup....

never heard anyone put more on the front... most would go down in the rear.. but going down in the rear would require re-valving of the shock...

let us know..

Definately MORE in the front. The 12/10 is going to be stiffer then the 10/8 of the NSX-R and this will be a tough "street" ride:), fact is, I would not recommend even the NSX-R for street only, just too stiff.

You must account for the motion ration in the front suspension when deciding on spring rates. Remember the front shocks/springs do not compress the same distance as the wheel/axle does in the front, but it is pretty damn close in the rear.

Suppliers that are starting with rates like 10/12 are stiffening up, from the base street spec relationship, and assuming it is correct.

Seems the factory(NSX-R) and Comptech 1000lb/600lb, have figured it out just fine:).