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Coilovers - Tein vs KW

28 November 2009
I think i know the general outcome if i ask Tein or KW coilovers.


Where i live, the roads are not great, Highways are pretty good generally.


The big advantage for me with the Tein's is the EDFC which allows you to control the stiffness with the cabin while driving (the shocks!).

This means i can have a nice ride on the bad roads and then turn of a dial have a stiffer setup for the better roads. Perfect!

But how much better is the KW to the Tein? if at all?

Why hasn't anyone else developed a kit like Tein has? it's only motors and a control box, surely it's easy?

If i was going to go on track i don't mind getting out turning the dials manually on the shocks but... to do it between different road types, really? not for me or wouldn't it be as bad (hard/Bumpy) as i imagine on a good set of coilovers?

I have searched Prime, and came to the conclusion KW is the better coilover but will i regret not getting the Teins for the EDFC or the other way around regret not getting the KW's.
Mate i can only tell you about the KW V3 and it handles smooth and rough roads very well i love them, if you think your roads are bad pay a visit down here.
What maybe worth while asking here is if you got the KW's since eveyone seems to think they are superior how much better are they with say some swift springs instead of the KW springs.
Hope this doesnt derail your thread but it may be worth considering that as another option, i am sure others will chime in.
I have experienced both the KW V3 and the Teins with the EDFC. There is no comparison on ride or handling. The KWs win hands down in both categories. The one thing you have to remember about Teins is that the damper is inferior when you compare them to a KW, JRZ or Moton. Since Tein's dampers are low quality they have to use a spring that is much stiffer so no matter how much you adjust the valving with the EDFC you still have that back breaking spring rate. The stiff spring rate doesn't do much for traction either when the road is rough or less than perfect. Once you setup the KWs you do not need a controller to change the damping because they ride extemely well even when they are setup for handling.
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This probably isn't a fair comparison since my KWs are on my SRT8 charger and my Tiens are on my NSX.... but man these Tiens are way firmer than I thought they would be. I have the monoflex's without the adjustable damping. I set it to whats recommended but I had to turn them down a bit, and they are still pretty stiff. But honestly stiffness aside both are really well made I think. No complaints about build quality.
ive had numerous cars with coilovers, I have had aexperiences with both kw and tein. I had a 2003 srt-4 with kw stage 3's coils and while they were decent overall I have to complain about the ride height and response. Ihad them lowered all the way down and it was still about an inch above the tires, I didnt want it sitting on the ground but I thought it would have more room to go. They were the most expensive option for the car and I wasnt impressed by the handling, the feel/ feedback provided was very minimal and I was left wanting more. I have had civic's and my nsx with tein suspension and love the tein suspension. handling is precise and feedback is spot on, kw might very well make a better quality suspension but you cant argue with better real world results with tein!
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I also went with Tein Monoflex. It incorporates the micro speed valve, solid construction, and is far cheaper. I dont experience any of the pillow ball problems associated with the cheaper coilovers and have been completely impressed with these despite the high spring rates. I could be wrong but I think you can hunt around and find softer springs for them as well. I think with either choice you will be satisfied. :smile: