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Compare '91-'92 with '97 or later

8 June 2005
North Tustin, California
I would like to hear opinions from those who have owned an early NSX and moved up to a '97 or later. I'm fairly familiar with the technical improvements and changes in the cars, but I'd be interested in impressions of owners regarding how the differences (pro and con) might have affected your relative enjoyment of each car in driving and owning it.

I love my '92, but I love all NSX's ...

(If this topic is massively redundant, my apologies, and perhaps someone can point me to a thread.)

My 91 was such a dream at the time I actually got it, I did not really think it could be improved.

Then I drove a 95 with Power Steering, and even though some do not like the feature, I think it makes day to day driving much easier, The Targa is a feature I loved also, so that drive got the bug started, and I ended up buying a late model for the extra power, as well as the P/S and targa. To me they are all wonderful choices, but the 97-01 are my personal favorite. I have not driven an 02+, but aside from styling, which is a personal taste issue, I see no reason to trade up.

The only real things I miss on the 91 are the badge on the center console was novel, and the larger glovebox would be nice at times.
I went from a 93 to 95. I LOVE the powersteering. Most people that have been anti-powersteering have tried my car and loved it. I realy like the T-top a lot.

Personally I think the 97 offers a lot of improvements over the 91 and it is worth the extra money if you have it to spend. The 6-speed is fantastic and the larger motor gives you a noticeable bump in midrange power though the top end feels the same to me.
I'm not a big fan of the electric power steering but I like it better than no powersteering. It's just a pain to steer the NSX without powersteering then again I never drove a pre 93 NSX with 15" on front.
i went from a 91 to a 97. imo, there was a big difference. the gearing in the 6 speed makes the car feel much quicker (acceleration wise). the throws are shorty and feels more sporty. the engine is definitely more powerful throughout all rpm ranges. there is actually a big improvement in power. brakes are about the same, although the 97+ nsxs have larger calipers. however in handling, the 91 handled better. the 91 is more stiff, it sat lower and the absence of power steering made it feel like you're more connected to the road.

targa top is fun, but it gets too hot most of the time, so i usually keep it up. other than engine, tranny and targa, the 97 nsx is the same exact car as the earlier models.

if you want the 97 feel, get the 6 speed, i think that is the biggest difference anyway.
LS1NSX said:
I guess this would be kinda off topic but which year model has the largest enginebay?

ls1nsx, hehe you thinking about dropping a 427 big block in there? :biggrin: