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compression test numbers

23 March 2008
i have a 92 nsx with 142,000 miles. i did a compression test the other day when replacing spark plugs.

the engine was cold.
i unplugged the connector on the right side of the engine bay which cuts fuel.
i removed all spark plugs.
i pushed the gas pedal to the floor.
i cranked it over and could hear when the cylinder being tested was compressing because that is when it would slow down momentarily. i did about 4 "compressions" per cylinder.

i got pretty much 240 across the board. one of them was more like 235.

did i do this right? are these good numbers?

i have a feeling the numbers would be much lower if the engine was warmed up, because i notice my car seems more peppy when its cold.

is a leak down test better and reveal more info about the health of the engine?
Those are good numbers. I wouldn't worry about a leak down test unless one of the cyls were off by 5% or more.