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Compressor relay/fuse location.

14 May 2007
Beaumont, Texas
Well started the car this morn. been 3 weeks since I took it out. AC compressor not engaging. Cond fans working properly/blower working on all speeds. I'm headed to my shop to pick up my gauges to check freon but hopefully it's just relay/fuse. Would love to know their location. Thank you.
Also will disconnecting the cruise trigger the TCS light? Popped up while idling, plugged back in the cruise, restarted car and no TCS light.
Most likely its needs a recharge. The clutch relay is in sub relay box A which is cross ways behind the spare tire and above the blower motor. Its the second position from the passenger side in the back row. The clutch power is fuse 21 in the engine bay fuse box.
Thanks Bryan. The relay location stickers have long been gone from the lid.
I've looked for signs of refrigerant oil around all fittings and I replaced the drier and all outside orings a year ago because one fitting had signs of oil around it. I still run R12 because I'm still a fan of it and have access.
Again, thanks Bryan. 3 cans of $$R12 later and shes cold as ever. I'm really bummed out that theres a leak somewhere.:frown: