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Comptech header

22 February 2000
vancouver canada
After reading the FAQ, I think Comptech header doesn't have much performance gain comparing to RM and others. Any thoughts? Isn't Comptech and DC header exactly the same structure?
My understanding is that Comptech machines the flanges for DC, but DC bends their own tubes. A guy at DC told me that however, so he may have been exaggerating their part in it (they may be the same).

Its really hard to say which headers make more power without testing them on the same car, on the same dyno, on the same day, since the gains are all pretty close. I do know that the Comptech level of workmanship is very high. They are spendy, but I am always impressed by the parts and bits they machine for me.
I have the C-tech header and exhaust. Spendy? Yes. Worth the price? 271 rwhp with the Dinan Stage III chip.
The parts have excellent build quality and make a beautiful sound to boot!