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Comptech ring and pinion 4.55 gears

24 August 2001
Manorville NY
I am looking to buy the Comptech 4.55 gears. I am worried that the car will be screaming at 70-80 mph. Does anyone have them and how are they for everyday driving ??? Also do you see a big increase in performance 0-60 and 1\4 time ??? Any help would be appreciated.

It would be nice to get some additional experiences. Once the time comes to replace the clutch, I plan to do gears and R&P as well. Whether or not the 4.55 is too extreme a gear will be the deciding factor for me whether I do the 4.55 or just the Japanese R&P. How loud is this thing at 70mph?
The seat-of-pants feel is significant. I've been in stock engine and Comptech blown cars equiped with the 4.55 gears, and the mod is definitely noticeable as far as performance goes.

I do not remember the gears creating additional noise, or inducing more cabin noise through higher engine RPM.

When it is time to open up my tranny again, I intend on replacing my 4.23 NSX-R R&P with Comptech's 4.55 gears.

-- Chris


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I have the RM short gears, RM ring and pinion(4.23) and RM clutch and they are perfect. much better acceleration, no top speed loss and still allows for daily driving without screaming rpms. I did notice my gas mileage went down though, but it might be I'm just driving more aggressive now.
this is my first post on this forum, but i have been an owner and nsx freak for 5 years. i have the ct shorties clutch and 4.55 rp.imo the major benefit is 0-60 time.at hwy speeds in 5'th gear its 4k rpm at 80mph and roughly every 1000rpm is 20 mph.also if drag racing is your interest you redline at about 101 in third and have to shift into 4'th before the quarter mile which kills it.second gear is the sweet spot,and is good but a little flat.gas milage and noise are more subjective.all in all i think the 6 speed is the most versitile. good luck.