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comtech fired by irl team

6 March 2000
Well I don't like to put down anybody and I don't know their side of the story but a IRL team fired Comptech and chose another engine builder becouse while this team was leading 3 races this year (can't remember which team) their engine blew each time. Not being critical just some info that you all might be interested in.
I do not follow IRL very closely, but that sounds odd. If they 'fired' Comptech, they are really switching engine types from the Aurora to another. Reliability seems like a strange reason to do so as the Aurora motor has been pretty solid. The CART team that won at Indy used their Bud sponsorship $ to buy four of them - thinking they need to be careful - and ended up using the same motor from qualifying through winning with no problems. The other three were never touched. If it was good enough to kick everyone's hinny at Indy, maybe the real problem is not with the motor............
Should have mentioned that Olsmobile will no longer exist (GM gave them the axe) but the motor they have been suppling will go on (maybe under the cadilac name?). The IRL team is dropping comptech as an engine builder of this motor and has a new builder that will work on the same motors for them. Although Speedvision didn't come out and say it in black and white they did make it obvious that the reason of the switch is becouse of the fact they lost too many motors in race winning situations, so something had to change.. weird though as I thought comptech was a premier engine builder in the racing world?