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Congrats to RSO

21 March 2000
Allentown, NJ
I just heard the great news. Congrats to Bob for becoming the newest Trackmaster's open track member. Something to be very proud of!
I agree,and his check-out instructer is,shall we say ,,,particular :wink: Nice work Bob!
Thanks for the kind words. I owe it to Pete for getting me this far and for giving me the confidence and "thumbs up" in May to let me know he thought I was ready. I also owe him for the fact that he turned down the opportunity to be my checkout instructor to avoid any possible "conflict of interest" and to make me "earn it" on my own with, as DocJohn put it, a very "particular" instructor.
racerx24 said:
What does open track mean?

"Trackmasters’ Open Track format allows qualified drivers 4+ hours of track time per day. Qualified drivers are defined as highly experienced hi-performance drivers and licensed competition drivers who generally have 50 or more days of on-track driving experience.

Prospective new Open Track participants are Checkout Candidates on their first day with us. Each Checkout Candidate is assigned an experienced Instructor who will ride with him or her for several laps during the first Open Track session in the morning.

Candidates are rated on their overall driving abilities, knowledge of the track course, on-track etiquette, and knowledge of safety related matters."