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Considering trading my 05 Red NSX for a second gen.

Eray and NC1 will be a little redundant...get a Z06 instead..
I own the best hondas around and I gotta say the NC1 is staying in the garage and the other two are going bye bye.

I own the best hondas around and I gotta say the NC1 is staying in the garage and the other two are going bye bye.

I've got some nice ones in my collection and while I'm not selling them, I really have zero interest in driving them. The NC1 is simply next level.
Yeah, I'm with you. As much as I love my NSX-T Manual, the car I want to drive is generally the NC1 NSX. It feels much more like an occasion to me. I have a Tesla Model Y as my family car and I thought I would to row the gears when it's time for that weekend car but I don't!
going from the modern tech NC1 to the Bee is like driving a small race car..fun and quaint and familiar ..
I had a 96 and loved it. Sold it years ago to put a down payment on a house. Years later I was in a position to buy another but went with NC1. As much as I would like to think I miss the “analog“ feel of the 96 if I had both in the garage l would take the NC1 out all day every day, it’s hard to go back.