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Constant 12 volt power from cig lighter?

12 July 2006
Niagara Falls/Toronto, Canada
I recently purchased a dash cam and would like to have it powered and recording when i leave my car unattended. Is there a quick/easy way to have the cig lighter constantly powered, as oposed to working only off the ignition??
Use the power seat power.

I have something that needs power when the ignition is off, I used a "add a fuse" in in the rear fuse block and pull power from the Power Seat. Ignition on or off its always live.
C912 on the underdash fuse box is a open connector for battery. I would suggest using a inline fuse.

You would still need to get a accessory plug to connect to unless the cam is 12v. If you want a nice installation you can get a plug kit from SOS that mounts in the glovebox and just cable it back to C912.

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Pull power from the fuse box from the drivers side fuse box C912 connector.
Just add your desired connection system and ground.
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To do this, you need to pull the center console, and remove the cig relay to the left of the shift lever. Jump to terminals with a small jumper wire and two spade terminals, and the lighter is hot all the time.