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How to disable the seatbelt beeper, but keep the gauge cluster indicator?

11 January 2021
Ontario, Canada
Really surprised I couldn't find a thread on this already, as seatbelt beepers are annoying. I always wear my seatbelt but the dash warning light is sufficient in my opinion.

When I got my '01, I noticed it had neither a seatbelt warning light nor a beeper. The buckle sensor was unplugged by a previous owner at C786, interrupting both the bulb and the beeper. I was about to plug it back in, but I don't want the beeper, just the gauge indicator.

Looking at the circuit, the seatbelt light is ignition powered, with its ground going through the seatbelt buckle sensor, which closes with when the buckle is released. This post-light switched ground wire (RED/BLU) tees off to go to the seatbelt reminder circuit as well. It looks like I could keep the light but lose the chime by depinning f8 at C522? My concern is that with usual operation, the seatbelt will get 12 V input from the RED/BLU with the buckle sensor open (buckle latched), which would drop to 0 V when the sensor switch closes to ground as the buckle is released. If I disconnect f8 at C522, will enough voltage remain on f8 to have the reminder circuit think it's actually buckled, or will it think it's unbuckled and sound the beeper unless I actually supply 12V to it? Has anyone tried this?
Screen Shot 2023-12-14 at 6.51.46 PM.png
It looks like C522 is not an easy connector to get to either. How much work is it to remove the under-dash fuse box. I'm starting to lean towards just leaving it, and disconnecting the key-in-door-open alarm as well. I'd rather have no light and no beeper than both light and beeper.

Is there any way to just unplug the beeper that gets input from the key-in and the seatbelt reminder circuits?
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