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Coolant leak......

22 March 2000
Planet Earth
After removing the rear wheel to change my oil and filter, I noticed dried coolant that had leaked down the side of the oil filter. There was no coolant in the oil, and the belts and pullies are dry. I noticed that there are two hoses coming from on top of where the filter is mounted, and one of those hoses appeared to have coolant that had leaked from it on the block side of the hose. There were no signs of coolant on the top side of the engine or from the heads. Is this the infamous water pump failure?? The temperature has never moved higher than mid point on the gauge, and I only have 23,500 miles on my '94.

Any help in a further diagnosis would be greatly appreciated.

I think that I've found the problem. If anyone else has the shop manual look at section 10-3. I think the hose that is leaking is from the engine oil cooler. If so, is this a DYI or should I have the dealer change the hose??