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Could you please quote a price for me?

11 April 2001
Near Houston, TX
Hi everyone,
I have been looking at an NSX in town, and I would like to consult you all. I was seriously considering trading in my 2001 Solara plus cash, or paying in the low 20's for it. If it matters at all, Edmunds says that the car is worth ~17-20K in good condition. What's your expert opinion on a 1991 NSX with the following features:


91900 miles


Manual transmission

Good condition

Consumer Guide reports Ok's it (similar to CarFax).

Spare tire missing

Antenna needs to be fixed (it won't go down all the way).

Looks like it is missing a few tools in the trunk

Driver's side door doesn't close all the way (a small, but noticable, distance ( ~1/4 inch) between the closed door and the side panel) The dealer says that he is not aware of any accidents. He claims that it is just wear and tear, and it can be fixed easily. I'll get the service records next week from King Acura dealership.

BBS Bugatti? rims 16/17

Some aftermarket exhaust

Repainted (the dealer claims that it was done for restoration purposes, since the car is 10 years old)

90K mile service performed (replaced clutch, timing belt....)

Service records in town, worked on in town

It's been on Autotrader for a while

On Autotrader, the private seller was asking $28.5K for it. The dealer (that is now selling the car <font= italics>for him</font>) is asking $26.5K .

I'm not sure if it is in snap ring range or if the window regulator problem is taken care of. Besides the exhaust and wheels, I don't think that there are any other mods.

(1)What would you quote the price on this one to be? (2)Would you personally consider purchasing one with those specs? I can take pictures of the car sometime during the middle of next week if anyone is interested. If anyone wants the VIN, I can give you that too. Any other info is greatly appreciated. But, really what is the value of the car?
Thanks! -Thomas
Of all the things you mentioned...the issue with the driver's door concerns me the most.

A repainted car with a door that doesn't close sounds like trouble to me. NSX coupes are so tight and rigid I can't imagine it's wear and tear. I don't buy it.

Of course, the only way to be sure is to have a trusted, independent NSX-aware mechanic to check the car out completely.

I'm guessing that the car could have been hit or damaged and if that's the case then a price in the real low-20s might be in the ballpark.

It sounds like this car could require major work and I'd suggest that I wouldn't want to trade my daily driver in on such a vehicle. Is your Solara your only car?

As you mentioned, I'd also want to know the status of the tranny with respect to snap ring range. If it's in range then you can deduct a few grand more right off the bat.

If you're looking for a really cheap NSX that is less than $25K, then this is the type of car you're going to get.

With the new 2002 facelifted model and perhaps a redesigned 2004 model coming out, I think I would be tempted to hold out a bit longer for a car that's in better shape. Even now there are good deals for those who are patient and diligent.

If your Solara is your daily driver, my advice would be to hold onto it and pick up a clean NSX in a year or two. That way you'll be able to drive your Solara when the weather's bad or if you need to go to the mall or visit places where a NSX might draw too much attention.

You won't regret taking your time to find a nice car. If you're leaning toward this car, then be sure to have it checked out really thoroughly.

Best wishes!

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1991 NSX Blk/Blk Auto #3070 (Sold)
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I agree, the door issue sounds like trouble. I would pass on this car. For a couple of thousand more, you can get a car in excellent condition with none of the problems/issues you've mentioned.

I know that Electro(a member) is selling his car, and I think it's around 28k negotiable. His has a little more mileage, but I bet it's in better shape physically and mechanically vs. the one you're looking at now.

Check here for his and other NSX's for sale: http://www.nsxsc.com/cgi-bin/forumdisplay.cgi?action=topics&forum=NSX+-+For+Sale,+Cars+|AMP|+Parts&number=6&DaysPrune=30&LastLogin=

and here(click nsx for sale) http://www.nsxclassifieds.com

and here: http://www.nsxprime.com/market/nsxfs.htm

Like it was mentioned in another thread, the best nsx's sold pass through private hands rather than through a dealer(unless you're buying brand new or are lucky).

Hope that helps a little, and be patient with your search. The right car will come along sooner or later.

I agree with the comments others have made.

Bottom line:

1. This is NOT a well-maintained car. It's been trashed.

2. This dealer cannot be trusted. Most of what he is telling you is untrue. (For example, no one repaints an NSX for restoration purposes.)

I also think you need to do some hard thinking about what you're really looking for in a car. You just bought a new car (the Solara is a nice reliable car but hardly a sports car), and you're considering trading it for a trashed supercar, a totally different vehicle. Take a step back, think about what you are looking for in a car (reliability? style? performance? etc), then think about what cars will meet your needs best. Find a car that you can live with for a few years, not one that you're going to be unhappy with in a few months.

Good luck. And feel free to ask more questions here.
And most importantly... for an extra 3-4k you can find a car with significantly less miles in better shape.

-- Chris


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The car is now up for auction on eBay!
<a href="http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/aw-cgi/ebayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=597418003&r=0&t=0">Click here to see it!</a>
It was on Autotrader for quite some time before this. The VIN is: JH4NA1151MT002748
I was going to take some pics of it this weekend- maybe I will go ahead and take some more detailed shots of the car anyway for those interested.

Thanks everyone for your valuable opinions. If there are any suggestions, please feel free to share them, I'm always grateful for additional input. Anyhow, take care. :^)

Man those wheels look nasty. The things I noticed are that the lip spoiler is missing and the Exhaust seems to be crooked...anyone?

The door situation sounds fishy...smells a little too. I've never seen a car's door not close from "wear and tear".

Got dat ol' vee six cilnder inder?

I'm pretty close to the same place you are on NSX shopping so I bought a carfax memembership a few days ago. Looks like it has info that consumerguide doesn't. The car WAS in an accident on (big surprise)the left side with another car!!!!!! ...and then it was sold at Auction - NEXT!

The fact that the dealer is covering the truth is scary. What else does he know?

Good luck on your search.

The Carfax database contains a total of 10 vehicle history records on this 1991 Acura NSX (JH4NA1151MT002748):


02/05/1994 26,494 North Carolina
Motor Vehicle Dept.
Stanfield, NC
Title #1406631489
Title or registration issued
First lien reported


02/21/1995 46,219 North Carolina
Inspection Station
Midland, NC
Passed emissions inspection


08/22/1996 53,000 Florida
Inspection Station
Tampa, FL
Passed emissions inspection


12/10/1996 53,475 Auto Auction
Southeast Region
Vehicle sold


02/11/1997 58,926 Auto Auction
Southeast Region
Vehicle sold


01/18/1998 Florida
Police Report
Case #512777210
Accident Reported
Involving left side impact
with another motor vehicle


05/14/1998 59,533 Auto Auction
Southeast Region
Vehicle sold


09/09/1998 63,997 Georgia
Inspection Station
Clarkston, GA
Passed emissions inspection


07/10/2000 85,800 Alabama
Motor Vehicle Dept.
Jasper, AL
Title #26218079
Title issued


07/10/2000 Alabama
Motor Vehicle Dept.
Jasper, AL
Title #26218079
Title issued
This is the info that Consumer Guide Reports gave (I hope the cut-and-paste works):

Vehicle Snapshot Vehicle History Checklist
1991 Acura Nsx
Body Style
2 Door Unknown Style 2-s
Country of Manufacture
Japan Review the Vehicle History Records below for details on the following potential problem areas with this vehicle:

Problem Areas Records
Lemon? No
Odometer Irregularities? No
Major Damage? No
High-Use or Lease? No
Emission Problems? No
Safety Problems? No
Stolen Vehicle? No
Other History? No

Vehicle History Records
We have searched our database of insurance, DMV, and auto auction information and found the following 13 records for this 1991 Acura Nsx. Note the highlighted rows for potential issues that could affect the value of this vehicle.

Date Location Mileage Description
1996-08-22 TAMPA, FL 53000 Passed Emission Inspection
1996-12-10 SOUTHEASTERN REGION 53475 Auction Odometer Reading
1997-02-11 SOUTHEASTERN REGION 58926 Auction Odometer Reading
1998-09-09 GA 63997 Passed Emission Inspection
1998-09-26 DECATUR, GA Renewal
1999-02-22 STONE MOUNTAIN, GA 68325 Title
1999-03-10 STONE MOUNTAIN, GA Renewal
2000-03-22 STONE MOUNTAIN, GA Renewal
2000-06-07 JASPER, AL Renewal
2000-07-10 JASPER, AL Title
2000-07-11 JASPER, AL Renewal
2000-08-10 JASPER, AL Renewal
2001-07-13 JASPER, AL Renewal

Glossary of Descriptions Found for This Vehicle (full glossary)
Description Full Definition
Passed Emission Inspection Vehicle passed the state emission inspection.
Auction Odometer Reading Vehicle reported the vehicle's odometer reading is from auto auction.
Renewal Vehicle had registration renewal event reported by state DMV.
Title Vehicle had title registration event reported by state DMV.