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CTSC 3.2 NSX vs V8 R8?

26 August 2008
New Jersey
So a buddy of mine just bought a 09 v8 r8 manual, which is currently a daily driver for him

Any idea how my 3.2 autorotor with intake header exhaust test pipes will do against his on a friendly 40 roll? I think mine should be able to keep up at the minimum
Given that your car should be ~250 lbs lighter and the R8 puts about 338 hp to the wheels (very similar to most CTSC cars), I think you should be able to at least keep up with him, if not pull on him from 40mph. 40mph is a little dangerous for the NSX though, since the power really doesn't start building until higher RPMs (for NA cars it would be better to start at 55mph in 2nd gear).

From a stop, I'd give the hand to the R8 with the AWD.

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the R8 puts about 338 hp to the wheels (very similar to most CTSC cars)

I though the R8 was closer to 400+ hp - that's what Wikipedia says anyway.

Not that there aren't NSX FI solutions that can match that :)
about 25% last i heard

Im prity sure the haldex awd system is a Lil more efficient then the average AWD system but it is up there when compared to a rear engine RWD car.

From the article I linked to:
Automobile Magazine said:
Since everyone asks about peak numbers first, the RS4 put down 331 hp to the wheels, the R8 put down 338. The difference between those two numbers, which is about two percent, is insignificant. Given the 420-hp rating at the engine, their output corresponds to twenty percent drivetrain loss, which is commendable for an all-wheel drive setup.

Read more: http://www.automobilemag.com/features/0704_audi_r8_rs4_dyno_test/
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I think a CTSC NSX will be slightly faster than an R8 through the 1/4 mile. Both are pretty much right around 112-115MPH.
Will it make much of a difference if we both had passengers? Assuming both passengers in each car was of the same weight.

Ill try to talk him into doing it with video of course.

Ill make sure to remember to turn traction control off also
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I think it would be s very close race. R8 will get you top end I bet. Euro cars are always geared long.
I got right out of a V8 R8 6 speed manual and right into my nsx and can tell you my NSX felt slightly faster. Its going to be close if you haven't weighed your car down with big wheels and tires and a fat stereo.
^i have 18/19 work meisters... Im sure thats hurting me some
I would put my money on the NSX, assuming it is in good working order.
Do a roll in 4500 rpm. I think if it's 338 whp you will win. I kept up with a Ferrari 458, that was epic. Just be close to vtec, and loose the spare tire. If you have the stock wheels, put those on. I lost 3/4 of a sec at race way in Z with the mesh xxr wheels.
I had an interesting run off with a buddy's R8 a week ago........my 93 is N/A, has a full exh, intake and dali chip and a 150 lb diet.......both of us with no passenger, his R8 is a (07-08 I think) and I believe it has a cat-back system on it. We did a rolling start (on a private test facility of course) in first gear and ran them up to about 115-120. Very close, they exchanged slight leads at different points......the NSX was in front when we shut down. I was shifting at 8K and forgot to turn the air off and close the headlights, he hit his rev limiter on a shift..... but it was interesting. I was expecting to lose big time. The sound that R8 makes tho is sure nice.
you guys do realize an NSX with i/h/e can do high 12's in the 1/4 mile, right? and this is precisely what the R8 runs... CTSC'd should be a bit faster.
Interesting question :)

I have a 3.2 as well and the Autorotor CTSC should be in the car in about six weeks or so.
I/H/E has already been done.
I think that a 3.2 with CTSC should be more than a match for a 4.2 R8.
The R8 has more top end power, but it is also a much heavier car (despite all the aluminum in its construction).
But let us now what the result is, I'm very interested.
To many variables.

1/4 mile
1/2 mile
Track? Short tight track or one with long straights?
Who driving?

Taking the base model R8 vs CTSC NSX with the average driver in a straight line from the dig my money is on the R8 all day. On the track it will come down to the driver. The R8 will be much more forgiving thats for sure. (Add rain and the R8 will run circles around the NSX) The thing with Audis is that they don't "feel" fast until you turn down there rocking sound system, notice the LEO in the rearview, and realize its to late to call your lawyer.
Don't even race. That way we can continue to speculate on this thread for another year.
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