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Who's run half mile event in NC1

4 December 2019
Cave Creek, Az & Newport Beach, CA
Rather than another thread on the best wax or ceramic coatings I thought I'd change up the theme and talk about about a track event and some triple digit mph fun runs. So for you fender polishers no detailing products will be discussed below.

Last Sunday December 13th I headed to Gila Bend Municipal airport where Omega Motorsport presented two days of half mile runs. My buddy has an R8 Audi V10 with twin turbos making 1300 WHP invited me and I tagged along which was helpful having someone who knew the ropes of this type event. I opted for Sunday as there would be fewer cars (80) where as Sat had over 160! I've run quarter mile before in the NSX and mile events in other cars I've owned so I was curious what the NSX would do. My car has a JB4 and SOS down pipes but running on the conservative program one for 92 octane fuel. I had a pretty good idea what I would turn but unless you run the car it's only talk.

I'd say about 1/3 were stock cars, 1/3 modded with tune, exhaust etc and the remainder were built turbo or super charged. Lota Corvettes, Camaro, Mustangs, Hellcats, Vipers and...BMW's. Big HP Vipers .Several huge hp Vipers (over 1500) running 205 mph! Oh ya GT-R's.

There were no classes for this event but the techs asked what our horsepower was so they could run similar powered cars together. This helped speed things up and you didn't get a lot of single cars running by themselves and that way it there was faster turn around. I've been to drag race events where you get 3 or 4 runs in four hours. You could have run 40 times if you wanted to hot lap it at this event it was that well run.

The weather was great for turbo cars as the air temp was 45 degrees with a DA of 420 at 10 am. This event measured top speed as an average of the last 60 feet like a drag strip. I had a GPS camera which showed absolute top speed. I'm only posting time slip mph for my runs.

My first round was against my buddies R8 monster. As the starter dropped his arm I waited for him to make his move and nothing so I launched pretty good got wheel spin on the painted section of runway(dummy me should have lined up differently) and never saw him. He had ecu problems and needed to reflash his computer. I needed more room to slow down than I thought but it was pretty uneventful. I pulled up to timing stand and got my first run time of 154.44. Not bad as I thought I'd be around 152.
Next run I lined up with a Magnuson supercharged Camero making a lota noise with open headers. This time I lined up outside the painted runway markings and got a great launch and I never saw the other guy. This time 154.98 mph.

Third run I hit 155 mph against a modded Supra. DA was rising and the wind was starting to pick up. One of the cool things at this event a crew member can ride along so my long time friend who came with me got to see what 155 mph felt like. I told him try and touch the dash when I launch. He couldn't do it. I had one more run before lunch and the thought we'd call it a day as the head winds were now about 25 mph so I wasn't going to go any faster with the changing conditions.
I saw a new C8 vett with exhaust and he did 151. Lambo Aventador LP700-4 with tune and exhaust did 156! Gotta say, the NSX attracted a lot of attention and it ran fantastic.
Jimmy aka sled driver
There is a long write-up in the owners group. Map 3 ftw. Tires are junk, had a lot of spin and should do a little better when I get off oem.
You should have added some MS109 or some higher fuels prior to the run. 92 isn’t really going to help the JB4 much.

A car in this hp neighborhood should trap 20-25mph more than 1/4 in 1/2. In my other car it’s more like +/- 35 but I run boost by gear and 1500hp ;)

Have a 60-130 or 100-150 to share? 1/4 time or trap ?
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Thanks for sharing! I've experienced launch control in the NC1 (both driving and passenger) and it damn near melted my face off the first time, not to mention almost caused a mess in the seat LOL. Those ceramic brakes are also no joke!
You should have added some MS109 or some higher fuels prior to the run. 92 isn’t really going to help the JB4 much.

A car in this hp neighborhood should trap 20-25mph more than 1/4 in 1/2. In my other car it’s more like +/- 35 but I run boost by gear and 1500hp ;)

Thank you for the advice. My goal was setting a base line for some future mods coming down the road and I really needed the best conditions for future comparison. We had great conditions as the DA was 420 that is why we kept the JB4 at the 92 level. My trap was 27 mph more than the 1/4 mile time. I'll continue to post progress. FWIW, I've been doing this for a while kid.
Jimmy aka sled driver
What was your 1/4 trap ? 60-130? I don’t see you on Dragy. Dragy has a handful of NC1’s for all metrics if you sort through history.

Apologies if you posted time slips but I don’t see anything using Tapatalk

BTW - makes two of us, 30+ years of all types of racing and been decades since I was called kid, so thanks.
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Glad you took it tongue in cheek. Likewise I've been doing all kinds drag, road race, mile some off road. I was getting a check out ride for an event and Tony Adamonwicz (the Tony D) told me to take him for a ride so he could sign me off as he was chief instructor. This was back in 2012. Coming out of the Omega at Willow Springs turn 5 I damn near lost it in a Pirelli Challenge Car. I caught it and finished the lap. He said "KID" you can drive. I Never forgot that. Tony was only 10 years older than me. Sadly he died in 2016.

So my quarter mile trap speed is 128 mph at Wild Horse Pass in AZ. DA was 2800 on a 105 degree night. I love this NSX and hope to get it down to 10.5 at 133 with some further tweeks from Science of Speed. So 155 at half mile is respectable.

Jimmy aka sled driver
Hahah of course, I’ll take a compliment anytime ;)

That’s a solid trap for 92 octane.

The NSX is hands down my favorite car. I take it 9 times out of 10 regardless of what’s in my driveway. Performs great here in the summer (northeast) where 3000+DA is pretty common.

As strange as it sounds, I like being able to creep around in in EV. The trans is second to nothing on the market in my opinion as well.

The JB4 is great, I’ve known Terry for years and have had some testing vehicles with him. Have it on a few of my other cars and nothing like a 5000lb+ SUV running bottom 11’s @ 124 with just a tune.

I’ve asked Cicio Motorsports to upgrade the turbos a few times and haven’t been able to push them to do it yet. Not sure why I haven’t done the Jb4 and DPs yet, maybe just cause I didn’t want the rear take apart. Maybe in the spring.

A single NC1s on dragy with tune and downpipes in the 6.8 range 60-130 which is pretty respectable. Stock I ran an 8.7.

No 1/2 mile cars and just two 1/4 mile - 10.99 and 11.17 both @ 125.

2.85 and 2.88 to 60 with rollout.

Sorry for the thread hijack.
No worries on hi jack, as this board needs more information rather than speculation. Glad you posted. The NC1 is the most under rated super car one can buy. Acura/Honda was so far ahead of the curve in developing an affordable hybrid. Now it looks like McLaren, Porsche and Chevy will have models. I've not had a hi perf car so well thought out and comfortable. Either the ride was so harsh you needed a kidney belt or you had to mod the hell out of them to get the performatce. This car does it all!