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Cup Holder that fits in the Stock Location but doesn't spill (94+)

11 January 2021
Ontario, Canada
The OEM cup holder for the 94+ is suboptimal; even the owner’s manual says to only use it only when stationary. 🤔 (The 91-93 is non-existent?) I originally set out to modify it with longer arms for the OEM holder, but that proved too spindly.

Here’s a design you can 3D print that will fit in the OEM location, holding cups when open but folding up to allow the cover to close when not in use. I’ve removed the console for the pictures but that is not necessary. For 1994+ cars. The OEM cup holder can easily be removed by lifting at the front, as shown in the owner’s manual. This modified design goes in the same way; insert the rear tab and then insert the mounting posts into the rubber mount holders at the front. I printed the middle section in red to help illustrate how it works in pictures, but I now like it because of the way it highlights “NSX” contrasting the black so I think I’ll leave it.

To use, rotate the middle (red) section up to 90 degrees and press down to engage the locking pins in the top of the base. It’s also held by the main pins in the grooves as well as a lower groove for the base of the midsection. Flip the top around to horizontal and insert the can of your choice. To close, lift the mid-section (red) at each end and fold down.

Original part [HASH=72]#:83425[/HASH]-SL0-A90ZA
Much better pictures, rotating 3D pics of the parts, printing details, and .stl files at thingiverse:

This holds two standard 12 oz cans. Another design for larger cups:

Feedback welcome – PM may work better.

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That’s pretty sweet. I wonder if the one for larger cups will work for us with 91-94 one-piece lids.
I'll try it next time I see someone with a 91-94 and update the thread, but I don't know any 91-94 owners. Or if someone with a 91-94 wants to print one and see, let us know. If simple mods were needed I could draft that up & post. Someone already made something like that for a single can in 91-94's and posted it on Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3659933

It only works if you leave it in the glove box since there is no upper opening to attach it to, which would mean you'd need to leave the cover open when using it. Ironically a variation of this that stayed in the glove box was one of my original design ideas but it's only easy to grab cups from the driver's side and you lose the armrest, not a big hit for my particular passenger. If I can find one of my originals that I printed I'll post a pic, or pm me and I'll send you the stl for the orignal for you to try. Can the 95+ console be retrofitted to the earlier years?
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Wow, that is elegantly designed. I like how it still folds and fits with the lid closed.
Really cool design!