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Custom decals for my NSX?

13 May 2001
Mesa, AZ
I want to get a custom 12-24"x12-24" decal made to put on the back window of my NSX. I have a print guy that I've been working with for awhile, and he's telling me that the only company he knows that does high-quality custom decals is one out of Chicago, and they can sometimes take months to get back to him.

It's a very complicated B&W image, so conversion to some sort of easily printed metaformat is really out of the question.

Does anyone have any contacts that could help me with this? Anyone who specializes in making high-quality decals for cars?

Thanks much!

David Allen
'00 Silverstone NSX-T
I don't know if this is what your looking for, but try Modern Image. They do lots of graphics on show import cars. I know they will make custom graphics and mail them out to you. Their site is www.modernimage.net I believe. Hope that helps you out.
I'm talking with them right now - I'll let you know the results.


David Allen
'00 Silverstone NSX-T
These are the guys that are doing the blue sandrail with the NSX engine. They are going to feature it in some magazines.
Larry already has it working and it looks SWEET!
Last time I took pictures, it was still just the frame with the engine apart. Last time I was at the shop it looked complete. Everything was hooked up, awesome chrome exhaust, blue and chrome engine to match the color of the sandrail... very nice. I'll try and take some more pictures next time I am there.
One other thing I'll mention about Modern Image, the owner drives a NSX. It was featured in Max Power a few years ago. Wings West also uses his NSX to model their body kit on their site.