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Cybernation Motorsports

I haven't purchased from them YET, but I've visited their facilities a couple of times, and have chatted with their folks.

A few observations:
- lots of stuff in stock -- this is a real brick-and-mortar place with impressive inventory on-hand (easily 6 figures in Taitec stuff alone): this means more predictable delivery leadtimes and potentially lower prices
- they have experience installing most of what they sell -- their Project NSX (full Taitec JGTC) car is pretty impressive; their work with Integras and Hondas is also good
- impressive facilities: multi-bay service shop offering a wide array of services; large-scale trailer for track / show use
- they deal with multiple marques (import and domestic)
- they are well-funded and committed to being a big player


Usual disclaimers apply... no vested financial, or other, interests, yada yada
Thanks cojones

I think i will place order from them, i just dont want to get ripped off, that is all. Their price is prety good from what i have seen too. BTW, do you know anything about SPEED product?
Chris at Cybernation is a very nice guy. No problem with dealing with them...answered all of my questions before purchase.

installed my comp-tech headers(no problem) found and fixed a couple minor oil leaks(no problem) installed a Taitec gt exhaust(no problem)..plus it was too quiet and they removed it a week later and gave full refund. Did an alignment (no problem and only $50) found and fixed a broken CV...which was covered under my extended warranty (no problem) mounted and balanced four new tires.....Chris Lee, and the whole team are working very hard at this venture and I believe they will be around for sometime. Besides they had an openhouse that would leave most anyone speachless...
Thanks for the support guys. No one will ever get ripped off at Cybernation it's just not the way we do business. Always fair and honest that is the only way we know how to do business. We have been in Japan for the last 2 weeks meeting with several vendors. We have signed Advance Flat-Out and Sorcery to be their exclusive US distributors. We have also signed on with a major manufacture to be announced later. Our goal is to bring the best products from Japan and to provide a faster delivery time. We will be introducing the full line of Advance products along with some new products from Sorcery. Advance has a 3.0 liter NSX with 380 natural horsepower they manufacture a full line NSX performance products. The guys at Sorcery are real magicians when it comes to creating aerodynamic parts. They are the ones responsible for creating the Esprit body kit that everyone is always asking me about. Look out for 2 brand new NSX aero kits coming soon from Sorcery and Cybernation.

Thanks for your support,