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Daily drivers?!?

24 March 2000
Dallas, TX
I make pretty good money. Looking to step out of my .... ah ... hooligan car.
It's fun don't get me wrong!

Anyway, you guys that use the NSX as a daily ride, is it your ONLY ride?

The WS6 is my only ride. I can easily take a cab when it's in the shop or what not. I've done this a few times. Plus Dallas does have ice storms. I'd take a cab to work and back if the roads were to the point my summer only tires, 6speed, and 345lbs of torque with no traction control would be suicide. And you know it's got to be bad if you're going to trust your life to a Dallas cab driver!

I've been holding off, figuring I'd need to get a more ..sedate.. car/truck for daily use and have the NSX for the weekend type deal. How many of you use the NSX as your daily sole form of transportation?

Do you guys take it to the mall? Movies? (no I'm not asking if your dating the d*mn thing!)
I just wonder how you guys manage to maintain ownership of it from thieves.

Malls/Theaters and what not are prime locations to say bye bye to the ride you've put all that money and time into.

It just seems way too exotic to park it in public lots on a daily basis.. Survive the parking ramps, speed bumps, rolling shopping carts, etc. Specially on a daily basis.

1999 WS6 Trans Am
my nsx is not my only ride...however it is the only ride i want to take out
Just park far far away at malls and movies and you won't get any of those door dents. But then of course, you always find some POS parked right next to you anyway.
It WAS my daily, in fact I even bought it with that as my intension. 6 months into it, I decided to make the most expensive mod to the NSX I could think of . . . a Lexus ES300. I decided I couldn't stand the fact that I would be driving her in the rain and withstanding the mall and movie theaters. Damn, all for a car.

Definitely a daily driver. It's the only car I drive. However, I will NOT ever leave it in a parking lot or somewhere where I can't sit and see it. Very comfortable and easy to drive......everyday.

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It's my weekend ride. But I'm a school teacher, and by about 5 or 6 weeks into the year I get enough kids hating me that they'll come by and key my CLASSROOM! I drive it to school only a few times a year. In fact, the only damage done to it in a parking lot was done at school by a teacher, and the butt-head never admitted responsibility for it!
P.S. Kevin, only you would buy a car for your car.
I've been driving mine now for about 10 months as a daily driver. It is getting to become a pain, washing the car every other day. Also, my car takes a beating here in Miami, so I don't want to mess anything up, especially with all the mod's I have done to it.
So I am going to be investing a little money, to buy a beater car, to drive to work everyday, and use the NSX for the weekends for fun, and Track events/club events.
I use mine as my daily driver. Couldn't imagine leaving it at home and driving something else. Take it to the mall, movies, downtown. Just careful where i park it. I park it in the back, on the end of rows, and pay to park. The girlfriend has a sports ute for other occasions, but after owning it for 3 months, I have ridden in her car twice.

92 Red/Blk
Originally posted by TA Tom:
Anyway, you guys that use the NSX as a daily ride, is it your ONLY ride?

If you don't count my wife's car, then yes, the NSX is my daily/only ride. Limited trunk space and concern of bringing such an eye-catching car to certain questionnable locations are about the only reasons why I'd choose to drive hers over the NSX. Otherwise I'd be happily NSXing 100% of the time!!!!

Do you guys take it to the mall? Movies?

Actually, I do. In fact, I'm more concerned about it being parked near work (as even that is a public parking structure)...I make sure to park it within view of the office.

When I park in other public places, I usually park away from the mainstream...and try to find a spot with extra space (like one next to striped no-parking zones, one next to a wall, or one separated by pillars).

Survive the parking ramps, speed bumps, rolling shopping carts, etc. Specially on a daily basis.

If I have to park where shopping carts are present (which, fortunately, I rarely have to do), I will park as far away from the building as possible to minimize the chances of a stray cart rolling towards my NSX. I cringe even thinking about it.

--akira3D ('00 NSX-T red/black #113)
"Reality is better than the dream..."


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When I had my NSX it was my everyday car. A dream realized, but what a stress in Dallas! Driving 95% of the time in rush hour traffic in 2nd gear @ 25 mph, surrounded by SUVs ready to drive over me any second. Although infrequent, having to drive in rain or downpour was a special "treat". Also, finding a safe space in a parking garage, then not leaving all day for fear of losing the space. Then, worst of all, the prospect of having to park outside with an office move. I couldn't stand it anymore and sold it. I miss it, but now I drive and park stress free.

I agree with Lud.

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I thought that I could deal with it as my daily, but as much as I LOVE to drive it everywhere . . .

There are certain advantages of parking your car ---- and enjoying the evening. Unless the bloody thing is in ear shot or easily viewable, I am constantly worried about it! Sometimes I just want to go somewhere and NOT have to tip the valet heavily hoping he will take care of it. Sometimes it's good to drive incognito. For the other times, there's the NSX.

PS Thanks Ken, I like to think of myself as . . . special.
I love using my '94 as my daily driver. I try to park only on end spots away from other cars. I never have a problem leaving it in a parking lot at the movies or anything. I have insurance and if something happens, I can always go out and buy a new (used) NSX. Also, some of my patients like to talk cars and ask if that's my shiney (sic?)red sports car in the parking lot.
My NSX is very special to me for two reasons:
1) It has extremely invigorating handling in mountain driving, and
2) It is in perfect condition.

My NSX is not a daily driver for me (work commuting, errands, etc.) for two reasons:
1) It is not fun to drive in straight lines or in heavy traffic, and
2) I want to keep it in perfect condition.

Using my NSX as a daily driver would ruin the special experience that it gives me when I use it to get away from it all on weekends. So for those "junk" city miles during the week, I will continue to drive a "junk" vehicle (Lexus/Toyota truck).

95 NSX-T, 5 sp, Red/Tan, Stock, except Dunlaptya SP9000s
My NSX is my daily driver however I'm on road traveling the world every week. On those occasions when I'm in town I work from my house so the commute is short. So yes my NSX is my daily driver but I'm lucky if I can get 500 miles on it a month. I drive it to the store and just like everyone else freak with the thought of something happening to it.

If I was working in one city where I had to drive it everyday I'd have second thoughts. But what's interesting is everywhere I go people respect the car and keep a distance. In fact when I go downtown several of the hotels let me park in front. I tip the guy what parking would have cost me anyway and he keeps an eye on it. They like the attraction it brings and I like not having to worry too much.
Daily driver... for now.

I have great parking space at work and the commute is short. Groceries get done in the wife's car.

I'm looking to buy a beater right now to keep the miles and stress off.

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Nah, the NSX was too impractical for a daily car, so I got an S2000 for that task...

Don Gallo
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One of the great things about the NSX is it has great manners thus is comfortable as a Daily Driver, which is also a down side because people start thinking that is what it is for (opinion). However, there is no way I would. I want to drive my car where I can appreciate it, not going between 2-3 gear in traffic or worrying about it in a parking lot. Daily Driver to me is defined as:
· Sunny or no threat of rain
· Leaving for work early enough to get the spot by the handicap spot that nobody ever uses
· No errands to run where I may end up in a mall or supermarket parking lot
· Track day

I think the NSX is an exotic and should be treated as such. There is no way I would have this car as my ONLY car for a multitude of reasons – 2 seats, limited trunk to name a couple right off the bat.

Just my 2 cents, treat as such.
Done that before. I drove my 300ZX twin turbo into the ground in two years as a daily driver! I know the NSX would hold up a little better but still the you have to imagine what it will be like in two or three years with 30-40K more miles (rock chips, dings, etc).

If you drive (or park in public) much at all, get a daily driver or better yet, consider keeping the trans am as a daily driver!

I had a 99 Firebird formula (6speed) for a daily driver and the NSX for weekends and that was a really nice combination. Recently I had to trade the Firbird so I got an Acura CL-S. I do miss the torque of the Firebird though.

H. Gunner
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My wife and I have three cars. The NSX, a Porsche 996 Cabriolet and an Acura RL. The RL sits at home unless more than 2 people need to be in the car or someone has luggage.

How can we NOT drive these cars every day? Life is too short!

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