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Dali CF Console

1 December 2004
The Woodlands, TX
I just got my new console in the mail. It doesn't have the holes for the aspirator fan that the stock console has. I know several of you guys have this console. What did you do? What do you think I should do?
You might have to drill your own hole? :wink: Did you get the ashtray delete verison? I was looking into buying one myself what do you think of the fit and finish?

When you get it in post some pictures so we can all see how good it looks! :biggrin: Is there anyway you can take your old vent out and transfer it to the new CF Console?
If you're not putting in the ashtray, you're gonna need a whole lot more than just a hole. The mounting for the aspirator is a three level bit, overly complicated for sure, and it all attaches to the back of the ashtray assembly. You must have this part operating for your climate control to work correctly.

There are no ashtray or aspirator fan provisions...you'll have to fab something, no big deal though. It's important to note that you'll have to mount a 12V source somewhere if you expect to be able to use your air pump...I mounted two power plugs in my centre console and can walk you through it if need be. When drilling for the aspirator fan, be carefull...drilling carbonglass is not as delicate as drilling carbon fibre but you still need to work with the proper tools and technique if you want it to come out first rate...same goes for the opening for the receiver. Mine was a little more involved because I mounted the display for my 5.1 decoder as well, but again no big deal. For you weight freaks (as most NSX guys seem to be, including myself)...the Dali console is also super light.

Here's a couple pics of mine...

- Jon


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