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Dali Racing

15 March 2010
HI NSX brothers ..
I ordered parts from Dali Racing in the summer.. i have never got them..
They don't return my emails...
I paid through pay pal..
they said they can't do any thing .. (took too long to complain)
I need your help
here is a copy of my order.....

NSX Parts

Type / Part Name Quantity Cost Shipping Line Total
Strut Bars
Strutbar & Engine Dampener Kit: Coupe: polished 1 $239.00 $12.25 $251.25
Front Strut Tower Bar: 1.50" 1 $229.00 Will be quoted To be figured
COOLant Tanks
Hoses: Cooltant tank hoses: OEM 1 $13.00 $6.25 $19.25
Comments: This part was ordered from the P0D
COOLant Tank: Dali OEM style Ironside tanks: red powder 1 $225.00 $12.25 $237.25
Comments: This part was ordered from the P0D
Steering Rack Bushing Kit
Steering Rack Bushing Kit: 1991-2005 1 $29.50 $6.25 $35.75


He did refund the front swaybar ...
They still ow me over $500.00

Re Dali Racing

I filed a complaint with IC3.gov.


It is a collabortive effort between the FBI and the International White Collar Crime agency and you can post complaints on-line.

Good luck and keep us all informed. I too am waiting for money back from Mark from similiar items to you.

This had happened to me and many others. The big tip on buying stuff from Mark Johnson is to use paypal and if he doesn't send your items/parts, escalate a claim on the 29th day so you could at least get your money back.