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Dannmar lift at Costco

They are showing ATV's on the top unit, but could you place another car as it states it can hold up to 7,000 lbs?
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Comes with plastic drip pans or the $450 optional steel plate center, or $995 in aluminum.

<img src=http://www.asedeals.com/SolidDeckLoResJpg.jpg>

How do you get your garage door opener to work around these things?
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That's a good price. It's about $200 less than other reputable sellers. The only issue is delivery. Normally you will need to have your installer there to take the parts from the delivery truck into the garage. The trucking company usually will not offload it for you, but you could call Costco's delivery company to see what their policy is.

Edit: Just saw the delivery info from the link:

Due to the size of this equipment, the carrier will call you to arrange off loading options which may require additional charges. A forklift is required for off loading. If you do not have the means to unload the equipment at delivery, we have several options that can assist you. For delivery options call 877-432-6627.
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That is not a great deal.The lift is available at that price including accessories at most hot rod shows.That being said on a scale of one to ten rating for that style lift, I would rate it as a 5.It wobbles like hell with a car on it and is very poorly finished.Pay the extra 200.00 dollars and get a certified lift. ALI/ETL certification protects you and your investment. Be smart and shop around.