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Darknights! July 23/24, 2005

26 February 2003
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Anyone going, or entering a car for Darknights? I was thinking of entering my car for the week-end? :cool: There is the "ACURA NSX Heads-Up Class" for us.

July 23rd and 24th, DKN v.7 will take over the Markham Fairgrounds to showcase some of North Americas best cars, accessories, and of course...women!

See Here: Darknights

Tickets Avail in Advance Here

im already in with team evolution concepts...
Seriously? DARK KNIGHTS?


why must the torture continue?

Be warned - there is a reasonable chance of being pulled over just for being in the area of that stinkfest. They will check for cats and pull your plates if you dont have any.
it's the same deal every year... they put stations out near the entrance and exits.. ppl know that and they keep going...
Wow! Didn't know that! I had some werid invite via E-Mail to go. Thanks for the heads up...