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Dash Pod for LCD Display

17 December 2001
Portland, Or
Does anyone know where to get the Japanese dash pod for the Nav system. I know SOS sells the complete kit, but I just want a pod.

I did search the forum and could not find an answer.

Further, has anyone installed this (Other than Chris) in their NSX?

I know you can find one through NSX Modified. www.nsxmodified.com has the phone number and you will need to try calling a few times during the day to catch Larry.
He has had a few sitting around the shop from time to time. I don't think they have one now, but he should know the right person to order one for you. Last I asked, it was $300 for the OEM pod.
I almost bought one that was sitting around, but it had been already allocated to someone else.

Alex V has it installed in his NSX, but he doesn't use it for an LCD. He uses it for gauges for his GruppeM Superhcarger. It's a nice OEM look instead of sticking gauges in the dash, glovebox or somewhere else.

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