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DC fellas! Out of towner coming to the area...

25 March 2007
Knoxville, TN / Washington D.C.
I'll be flying into DCA around noon on Friday, 8 Aug if anyone wants to meet up and possibly show my friend and I around. Maybe get some grub. I'm into food that's special to a certain place, so if there's any "DC specific" eats, your input would be greatly appreciated for the full experience. :biggrin:

I've been to DC once and my friend has never seen Washington, so if you have any special hole-in-the-wall restaurants or cool things to see, let us know. We hope to tour a little bit of the National Mall. :cool:

I'll be purchasing an NSX in the Alexandria, VA area and will be leaving the next morning.

Does this interest anyone?

Thanks alot guys! Change in plans...I'll arrive around 3PM.
I'll be around the area...:wink:

usafdarkhorse (Jared) is the proud new owner of a 1991 Berlina Black/Ivory White NSX! Yep...from the Orange HRE wheels to the stock exhaust - she is back to stock per Jared's request.

Take care of her, Jared and DRIVE SAFE!


Thanks to NSXwolf (Mark) and II00II0 (Bryan) for spending the afternoon with us.

I'll be back soon with another NSX someday.

Prime's the best!
Haha Jeb yes you will be back. :biggrin:

Thank you all, Jeb, Mark, and Bryan, for making our experience here in DC enjoyable. Bryan even let me run off with a set of the 91-93 OEM wheels in the silver finish!

The purchase process was smooth and I wish Jeb and I could have spent more time shooting the breeze with the car.

We are definitely coming back. Well. Just not on Fridays. Traffic. :cool:
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