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DC/Mid-Atlantic Annual NSX meet is May 15

7 October 2002
Chapel Hill NC
Please RSVP here for the Annual Mid-Atlantic NSX meet on Sunday, May 15. Once again, Pohanka Acura - World's largest Acura dealer- has agreed to host our annual NSX meet at their dealership in Chantilly, VA. Usually we have 15 to 20+ NSX's at this event. Let's break the record this year!

Generally, here's how the day goes:

1. Start around 10:30am at the dealership for meet & greet. There will be a tech or two and lifts available for minor stuff in the service area.

2. Noon- Group photo and lunch/sodas provided by Pohanka. + GIVEAWAYS !!

3. 1:00pm Country drive through beautiful Loudoun County, VA. I have some good ideas for a new route this year. As before, some twisties, some interstate, etc.

Thanks to Pohanka's General Manager Lenny Gonzalez for sponsoring this event once again. Pohanka is located at 13911 Lee Jackson Hwy -Route 50 West- Chantilly, VA 20151
Phone 703-968-6600

We have a lot of new owners that I'm sure are anxious to meet everyone.
Howdy All!

I'd love to attend the Pohanka event, but I'll be spending some quality time in Sibley hospital recovering from spondylo lysthesis surgery taking place on May 13.

Perhaps I can attend the next event. The even better news is that I will be able to bring an NSX once again. My wonderful old 1995 NSX is back in action once again . . . with 143,000 miles and still going stronger than ever.

Perhaps I can host a party at my home in late May or June . . . Let me know if anyone wants to do something like that.

Edward Whitman
I am marking mine also.
My birthday is the next day :biggrin:
I should be there too as well, this will be the first time for me to meet the crowd since I got my NSX.
I won't be able to make it. The one time of the year they ask me to come into work and its that weekend.

Maybe next time.
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Thanks for doing this Howard. Please count me in also.
If you need help with the route, I have lots of time.
Ilene Garvey
Vienna, Va
Great turnout so far!!! This will be a good one!

I am going to RSVP for Francisco Vega- Black NSX. (He's not a member of Prime- yet). He also has a sweet new black 6-series Bimmer. -Howard
I am there ........

Oh and BTW Damn fairfax County and their end-of-the-month Revenue Traps .... I just got a ticket for not displaying the tag in the front .... The trap was on 28 in VA by centerville
knukl- Let me guess, the trap is on 28 South, just south of Rt. 50 as you head "downhill" from the bridge that crosses over Rt. 50 ??? They used to put cops with hand-held radar standing in the middle of the highway (it is 3 lanes each way) which I consider VERY dangerous.

Front license plate violation should not be any points on your record. Well, at least you know where Pohanka Acura is- it's just off 28 and 50. :rolleyes:
I will definitely be there as well....looking forward to seeing many of you guys again...can't wait to showcase some of the new mods (hopefully they will be installed in time) ...regardless, I'd show up to this one** :)
:cool: Hey what's up fellow NSX owners. This is spdr8cr, and I will their in a blk 97 NSX. :cool:
If I am back from CA I will be there.
Guess What?! I will NOT be able to make it. (business trip). :frown: So.... I will need someone to lead the "country drive"- I have already scouted out a route, and just need someone who can read a map. Volunteers??

Also, I spoke w/ Lenny on Sunday and Pohanka will be providing some giveaways again this year. Any other "donations" would be great, so if you have any NSX items you're willing to part with (or swap/sell) please bring them. -Howard