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did the mistaken bomber know what was going on?

This is a totally senseless killing.

Yes, there is a heightened sense of alert. Yes, I agree with "shoot to kill" if it appears the person is going to detonate a bomb. BUT they need to use a reasonable amount of discretion if they are going to kill someone!!!

Eyewitness reports from when it first happened indicated that he ran into the train, and was tackled to the ground by plainclothes officers. One of them sat on top of him and unloaded shots into his head. It was immediate. There was no thinking involved. Tackle him, shoot him in the head. I expect that if this is going to happen, they had better be DAMN SURE that the guy is dangerous and is posing a real threat.

(It also turns out that he was also shot 8 times... contrary to earlier reports of 5 shots. 7 in the head, one in the shoulder.)

So if they suspected that this guy was loaded with explosives.. (because he's wearing a padded jacket) why the hell didn't they stop him while he was walking away from his apartment out in the open? Why wait until he boards a bus or a train?

Does it mean that every person who even appears remotely mediterranean has to make sure they're not wearing a backpack or jacket or wearing an iPod which might be mistaken as bomb wires?

Yes, desperate times call for desperate measures, but this situation was created by the officers who were following him. Anyone who is chased by plainclothes officers might have a tendency to bolt especially if they don't know who is chasing them. To shoot first and ask questions later in this case does not sound like 'reasonable suspiscion' especially since he hadn't done anything to provoke the suspiscion other than wearing a padded jacket.