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Disappointed at the 2002 NSX Facelift?

14 April 2001
Sandy Eggo, CA
You should see the facelifted Lotus Espirit. UGH!

I don't feel that bad anymore.

I still haven't seen the new NSX in person, but I will tomorrow.
I have a buddy that had the industry preview pass to the auto show, and went in to see the stuff yesterday and took a gazillion pictures. He dropped by my place after he went to see thecars (He said there was hardly anyone there) and got some good pics.

Got a better look at the 2002 NSX, looks pretty decent. SOme of the porches there look real cool, and the Honda concept cars are real sweet looking to. Alot of the cars, however, look really but ugly.
Redeye -

Did you happen to notice if Acura had any new literature on the new NSX at their booth?

In '97, with that re-design, they put out a really nice 10+ page brochure with lots of full color spreads. Since then, not much.

Just curious, as the auto show doesn't make it to Chicago here for a few months.
I finally saw the new 2002 NSX and 2002 Lotus.

The Lotus rear looks like those tacked on taillight covers that you see a lot of on those street racers.

The 2002 NSX looks better in person than it does in pictures IMO. The rear looks great. But I like the original front-end better.

Thanks to Steve Riter, Kent Shepley, and American Honda for hosting a great get-together tonight!
I keep on thinking something is wrong with the new design. I don't love it, I don't hate it. In some ways it makes me appreciate my car more, and in some ways less. Honda did everything it should have to the body. They finished off the rear, bulked up the sides, dropped the pop-ups, extended the air-dam, switched to 17" rims, etc., but some things strike me as odd.

Somehow it loses the exotic hard-edged wedge look, and becomes more grand-tourer. The lack of a clearly defined front edge is what bothers me most about the nose. The launch tube lights are cool, but they never seem to be looking in the same direction, like someone with a wandering eye. The front spoiler shouldn't stick out further than the bumper. They should have put an 18" rim in back, because now the back tire looks too small since the fender's cut-outs weren't designed for the same size wheel all around.

I'm not trying to be negative, but they rounded off the front too much, while sharpening the back. Mid-engined cars should have small fronts, and they should have shortened the front overhang. I think that "catfish faced bottom-feeder" sums up the nose perfectly.