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22 September 2012
Recently picked up the car from atlanta and was super excited to bring it back....
the car had a couple of issues at the time of purchase: The driver side door latch was broken internally and the actual handle just flopped around. The only was to get in and out of the car was to lower the window and use the outside latch = not fun.

SOS sells the door latch kit on their website...this is apprently a common problem for the NSX, since their door latch part is made from potmetal thats prone to snapping. The total project took about 2-3 hours with lots of frustration breaks and "figure it out time" since it was my first time - should take an experienced hand about an hour.

The first image is the floppy door handle
To get to the internals, you must gently pry out the leather panel behind/beneath the handle with a flathead or putty knife- pic2.
Then you will see the handle mechanism screwed into the door with philips head screws--take these out and keep em safe. Once the screws are out dont just yank the mechanism off the door - theres some wiring for the "lock button", which must be undone first (Seen in the pic 3).
Also attaching the system to the door is the latch cable with the button end secured into the latch pulley. The OEM part tends to break somewhere around thsi area - as you can see from my pic 3,4. PIC 5 is another view of the latch and where is broke.

In order to remove the actual handle, you must knock out two semi circular clips that sit around collared pivot pins (shown in pic 6)...this was a total pain! Perhaps you guys have more experience but I sat there for about two hours getting these things in and out (carefully since theyre surrounded by fragile plastic tabs that cost Zillions to replace:wink:).

Once you take off the handle - theres two more tiny philips screws (that honda covers with cute little black stickers for neatness!!!)that hold your replacement part on to the plastic door handle.
Undo em and swap out the part....remember theres also a spring that must be replaced in the proper orientation. At this point just backtrack and replace everything you took off in the same order.
The last two pics are a comparison of stock with breakage and replacement. Also seen is the spring.

I found that you DO NOT need to take off the door panel or weather stripping to access this part. SOS makes a seemingly strong part that should resist breakage and give you years of problem-free entry and exit.

Hope this helps....and although this thread is likely a repeat, I am doing it anyway since it may help someone in some way, much like how I learned how to take off my handle from someone elses stereo/speaker thread!

Happy wrenching!


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My SoS part came in. Unfortunately the broken part was like yours, which their kit doesn't fix. Tried JB Weld... no luck. Howd you fux yours?
haha funny how this thing popped up today. Mine broke today. I looked it up and saw the price. Got disgusted so I let my brain go to work. I just fabricated me another one and it fixed the problem. Saved me so much money and only took me 20 mins of my time. Shoot me a pm if anyone need help with this.
took me 2hrs to do door#1. about 15 minutes to do the other o_O. That is, after i got the SoS door handle repair kit.