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Do I have to rebuild my drive way?


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2 September 2000
Southern California
My "new" 95 NSX arrived yesterday. Test drove it last night and was absolutely thrilled. But I had hard time to get it into my garage (which is below the street level) without rubbing the concrete. I wonder if other owners had the same problem and want to hear suggestions on how to solve this without building a new drive way?


PS. Is it my imagination or NSX always gets this much attention/head-turning? That's the other thing I have yet to get used to.

Congrats on your purchase. Is the car as prisitne as you thaught, or did it arrive with some minor problems?

I have the same clearance problem, living below the grade of the street. I'm planning to build a new house with a driveway designed for NSX clearance.

Alternatively, you could install a $250K boat hoist and just lift in and out. Welcome to the exclusive club of Driveway Scrapers.

And, yes, you'll continue to get the looks. I was actually shocked at all the looks at first, but now I don't seem to notice them as much. Get used to the fact that people will want to ask you questions, if they catch you stopped somewhere. I enjoy that. They ask "How do you like it"? or "How much do they cost"? or how fast does it go"? It can be fun, if you are gregarious already.

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L5 - Depending how your garage is built, perhaps stacking some sheets of plywood near the front of the garage help ease the transition?
Or you can do what other "Lowered Vehicles" do...When you approach the curve, start angling...Start moving to the left and once the front part of your car gets over and jerk it to the right, make sure you go very slow, well, I hope you don't scrape no more...hehe
Welcome to the bottom scrapers club!

Yep, get used to those scrapes and those looks.

With time, you'll find yourself approaching every driveway and dip at odd angles and choosing alternate routes to avoid more extreme cases.

As for the looks, you'll definitely get used to them. I didn't buy the car hoping to attract such attention, but man does it ever. At first, I was bothered by it...even fearful especially at night. Now I actually MISS them when I'm driving other cars (which is thankfully not very often).

Where in SoCal are ya?

--akira3D ('00 NSX-T red/black #113)
"Reality is better than the dream..."

Congrats on your purchase. I can sympathize with your dilema about the garage. I put a new front spoiler on my car when I bought it, and one week later I gouged the front when entering a shopping plaza. It was at that moment that I realized the $125 for the part was to be looked at as a "tax" for ownership. I pay the tax every six months, and I'm never late. Enjoy your new purchase, and make sure that you join a regional NSX club and track the car. You'll love it!
Thanks everybody. I'll try angled approach pus plywood today and see if I can get around scraping.
NSXY, yes, the car is as pristine as claimed except the exterior was filthy after open-air transportation from KY to SoCal. But Cush Acura did a great job cleaning and detailing. I found a box with all the original documents, manual, even the price sticker (that says $81,750), etc.
akira3d, I am in La Jolla, about 10 miles north of San Diego downtown.
Dr. Lane, I did try to join NSXCA using their web page, my payment (credit card via PayPal) went through but registration form did not (?). I'll call them later.

Thank you all again.
Are you hitting the front spoiler or high-centering? If you are hitting the front, you could try backing down at an angle. Backing down will not help with high-centering, though. My NSX is lowered 1" and that is the only way I can get into a friends drive - sounds similar to your situation.