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do you have children in your family?

Wow....I didn't know that was possible either. :frown:
That's really sad.... :(
That why I never put a pool in my backyard. I worried about the kids drowning. Had them all take swim lessons at a young age.
Saw that story yesterday. That's totally sad for the family :frown: . But I have to admit fascinating from a physiology standpoint. How in the heck do you walk around and function, only to drown hours later? :confused: Thats like taking a shower then using the soap in a few hours after you are done. Never in a million years would I have thought it possible. I grew up around water and have sucked down my share of salt and fresh water on occasion. So its scary. Shows that the more we learn about the human body, the more we don't know.
My grandmother who was a nurse and was also a paramedic who worked the ambulance night shift would often warn us you can drown in a teaspoon of water. Several of their calls were of similar nature to the article and the child would seemingly die/drown in their sleep. The same old story was in those rural areas kids would play in lakes etc. and a little lake water sitting in your lungs can cause an infection and before you wake up you are already at the end of the trail.
I got this from a few friends today. First I ever heard of it as well.

Scary stuff.
My wife and I read and internalize everything. These types of things get cataloged and we find ourselves living in fear and buying more newspapers making these people who peddle fear richer.

Truth is. None of us on this board as ever probably head of this, let alone know someone, let alone love someone that has happened to.

This poor family is devastated and it is a personal tragedy, yet regular drownings, electrocutions, and car accidents are far more deadly (and preventable). Our pediatrician always said to worry about water, fire, and electricity - not bumps or bumps in the night. She has 4 kids too so good advice.

I still snuggle every one of my kids to sleep every night I can (oldest is a soon to be 10 year old boy). In the end you can't stop yourself or them from dying and you have to look at the probabilities of things and protect the best you can - and then love them the best you can and pray about the rest.