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driver's door sets off alarm - sometimes

22 August 2013
When it is cold outside the alarm goes off when I open the driver's door on my '93. I suspect it is the switch in the door. Does anybody have info on where to get one and how to install it? (Other than the dealer) Or any help in how to disable the alarm system without affecting anything else.
This thing is driving me nuts. Alarm blows the horn in every parking lot when I return to the car!
Appreciate any help.:confused:
oemacurapartsforless.com to buy, use promo code 5 nsx for 5% off.
Then download shop manual from nsxwiki for replacement/electrical troubleshooting.
Let us know the solution for future reference.
I have just connected the alarm at the hood switch for now. later I will either repair the door switch or replace the door switch.
Thanks again for steering me in the right direction.