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Drunk Driver

27 July 2009
East Greenwich, RI, USA
I was on my way home last night, driving at the speed limit on cruise control on a rural, straight section of Rt 2. I noticed a truck start to pull out in front of me and to my left who then came to a complete stop. As I passed him buy I noticed him pull out behind me several hundred yards back. No problem, I thought and focused my attention ahead as one should. About a minute later I saw movement in my rear view mirror as the same truck slammed into the back of my beloved NSX. Before I could slow down, he pulled out and passed me at high speed with steam and smoke trailing behind. I caught up with him as he turned into a shopping center careening and weaving through traffic going the wrong way in a one way lane. He narrowly missed several vehicles and pedestrians. He swerved behind the shopping center and almost rolled the truck. At this point I cornered him long enough to get his registration number. I didn't approach him as I didn't know what, or who, I was dealing with. He then cut through the woods and back onto Rt 2 North. Nexie being severely damaged and not a very good off road vehicle anyway, I decided there was no value in chasing him as his truck was mortally wounded and wouldn't get far. The state police found the abandoned truck and eventually a very intoxicated driver. Unfortunately, Nexie is in very bad shape. I am afraid that if they can fix her (a BIG if) I will get financially destroyed by the loss of collector car value as a repaired vehicle. I do not have collector car insurance, just a standard auto policy. At this point, I don't know if he has any insurance. Any and all advice would be welcome.


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It makes me sick to see what happened to you. I would hope it can be declared totaled by insurance and get replacement value. Just make sure the person fixing it is an expert. It will take time to resolve but you will get there. If they do fix it, just enjoy the car and try not to worry about lost value. And I'm happy you're okay; that could have gone much worse, as hard as it is to say that when looking at the picture.
I echo JWMelvi's well-put comments.

As to getting full value from the insurance company, there are others here that may have some experience. Hopefully they will respond.
He most likely has insurance so between yours and his you should be able to get full value. Prices have gone up considerably over the past year so insist upon them doing the proper search to find comparable vehicles when coming up with the fair market value.
So sorry to hear about your loss. Hope your ok.
Pm me if you need any help.
I used to work for one of the major insurance companies before and can possible help in more ways than one.
I looks like your in rhode island. You could bring your car down to Pbasso, the trip would be worth the effort, as he is the trusted NSX repair up north.
So sad to see this. Glad you are OK. Too many NSX's getting damaged lately.
I scrolled down to the picture and uncontrollably blurted out "F¥€K!!!"

Man that sucks. All I can offer is commiseration. Hopefully it will work out well for you and poorly for Mr. DUI.
No one is safe from drunkards. Not even a Japanese super hero.
I was bummed out about my small accident, glad your ok and hopefully your car will be fixable.
this sucks bad man...... but that isn't as bad as it looks, pull away all those ugly parts and it can be fixed proper. now the insurance is gonna total it 100% fact.
buy it back from them and send to me to fix I will fix it my brother.

Pm me.

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I already have all the parts in stock needed to fix it
From one Silverstone owner to another, I feel your pain. Like others have said, the main thing is that you are ok. Around here, and I could be corrected, the insurance companies basically wash their hands of you if you are convicted of a DYI. That means your insurance would hopefully pick up the tab, and then sue the dick that hit you. Most times there is nothing to sue for, so your insurance company takes the pill. Obviously these situations are handled differently from one place to another. I hope every thing works out for you in the end.
Wow Gary what a crappy circumstance.From your story it sounds like he deliberately rear ended you.This saga should develop quickly.Have Joe look it over.Talk to Joe and Bob.
can he call you collect?:wink:
:eek:WTF!!!! Did the cops catch the guy?
:mad: Sorry, Gary. Glad you are O K, though.

I well recall how nice your NSX was (from NSXPO Columbus, OH, last October).
Most Important - you are okay...
wow and on a 03 silver/silver - rare. I hope it's not totaled.
I'm in Shawn's camp and think the car can be brought back. If they do total it, do what you can to buy it back. It's didn't work out too well for me but you might be luckier. If the engine bay and suspension pick up points are good, the rest is cosmetic. Good luck and very glad that you are safe and sound.
Wow glad you are ok! I lost a friend to a drunk driver, I have a special hate for drunk drivers.
I, also, lost a friend to a drunk driver. When are we going to serious about this problem? It's not just law enforcement or legislation it's the ha-ha wink-wink when someone tells another drunk driving story. We are not getting serious. It's not serious until it's personal!

Losing an NSX is not like loosing a loved one, obviously, but there is still a grieving process. You are all helping me with this process. Thanks to all for your support and condolences.

I'm glad you were not injured!

As far as I am concerned different insurance companies follow different guidelines. Nothing like this has ever happened to me directly but last year a local NSX owner crashed his 2004 Rio Yellow car and I was following the case. Allstate said that '04 was worth $65k to them but they wouldn't total it even when the repair bill was $52k, at first we were all very said about it but then I called Shawn and he connected me with a guy who ended paying $20k for the car AS IS plus Ben deposited his $52k check from Allstate. The car ended up being flipped by some dealer who we all love around here but that's a different story...

I hope it all works out in your favor, Gary.

Btw - I see a good bottle of whiskey coming your way from a local '91-01 owner for swapping shift knobs, insurance companies don't expect a 2005 knob in a 2003 ;)
A few cuts a scrapes but I think I am otherwise OK. It usually takes a few days to be sure. Nexie protected me well as the truck was estimated at 75 to 80 MPH in a 45 zone. I will try to swap the shift knob if I can, but will need the 03 knob in hand for a quick swap out if the car is totaled. Once totaled, they take the car away quickly, unless I decide to buy it back. This is so complicated. I'll do my best for a bottle of Jack Daniels Single Barrel. Actually, for you I'll do it for free.