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Ducted Hood Question

12 May 2003
Seattle, WA
I'd hate to ask a silly question, but if you have a ducted hood (ie. type-r style)
do you need to make any provisions for say rain situations and such. i mean not like i intend to drive in monsoons or anything, but sometimes you just happen to be stuck during a quick downpour. I have seen the louvered (sp?) hoods with the 'rain guard' panel etc, but i was just curious. I mean i know water ends up there anyhow from the under carriage, but if the car was parked and unfortunatly got drenched, perhaps that would be an issue. I've heard of the radiator to duct assemblies but arent those only available for RHD? Thanks for the help in advance :biggrin:
do you actually have an nsx? if you do, go outside and raise the hood, look down,there's the ground. Water is getting in whether its from the top or the bottom. :cool: Everything under the hood is weather proof for sure.

It appears that he has a 91 blk/blk


As far as the hood you will not have to worry about rain or water but you would have to worry about where to keep the spare tire.
yeah i have a 91 blk/blk, i dont run a spare, so its just the bracket. was taking a serious look at the CF nsxr style one. thx
I was thinking about this to. I don't know if it's original, but my battery is sitting in a black plastic box. Any water that falls into it stays there, I found that out when I put coolant in the engine. (when you have opened the cap on the heater line)
I'm pretty sure that some water in the plastic bottom (looks the same in my car) won't do any harm - also no problem for the battery as the poles are not exposed to the water.
MiamieNeSeX said:
Drill out the drain holes in the battery box.


You might have a point there. sometimes sollutions are so easy that I can't find them. I can exchange NSX-engines, but don't look for drainholes in the battery box.... :redface: :redface: :redface: