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Radiator to Vented Hood Duct

4 April 2011
Fountain Hills, AZ
Yes, I have already researched the threads and can't really find any pictures or suggestions. I'm looking to improve the efficiency of my engine cooling by creating a duct from from my radiator to my vented hood. I am currently running a MASIV radiator with the OEM fan and shroud with resistors. Living in Arizona and running twin turbos on a built motor has been my issue.

I have a new fan setup being prepared by @Coz with twin Spal fans and shroud which should aid in getting temps under control. I also will be rewrapping the front of the car and adding PPF to keep it intact for a little bit longer. So I figured "while you you are in there" adding the S2k EPS and the front of the car is apart.....

So I am looking to improve the ducting to and from the radiator to maximize efficiency. I am currently running a Seibon/VIS hood with Downforce duct. I will be selling the DF duct once the new duct is fabricated. The DF duct is made for the deep vented DF hood so it does let a lot of vented heated air to enter in the frunk. I'm looking to create a duct that will work better for the higher vented Seibon/VIS hoods that most of us run. it will seal against the hood to maximize cooling efficiency and downforce.

Dali and SOS used to provide us with some nice pieces. I'm looking to fabricate these new parts out of aluminum. So my questions is does any one have existing pictures so I don't have to recreate the wheel? But if I must.....
This is for a DF hood so the deeper duct, but it's an example of an aluminum duct. It's done by RichTune (https://www.instagram.com/richtuned/?hl=en). Also please let me know when you're ready to sell your duct. I need one for my build.

@MaxGeek thanks for this example. Looks a bit restrictive and I'll be running dual fans so I may open mine up a bit in comparison. But this kind of validates what I was looking at as well. You'll get first dibs on my existing shroud. Look for a PM.