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Earthquake / Chino Hills 7/29/08

28 March 2002
Oxnard, CA , USA
Who felt it? 5.8, Chino Hills epicenter. I haven't felt a good earthquake in a while. I don't remember last time we had one this strong. Northridge comes time mind.
Felt it pretty good up in our sixth floor office in Santa Monica. Felt like it started, subsided, and got an extra longer lasting kick before settling down.

I read that it was felt as far as San Diego and Las Vegas.
Re: "Good"? Earthquake?

I haven't felt a good earthquake
After being thrown out of bed by the 1971 So Cal earthquake and then 12 hours later, still feeling the 30 story downtown building where I worked still swaying, I don't think I could use "good" and "earthquake" in the same sentence. :wink: