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Engine Light OBD Code PO141

31 March 2011
Washington State
Anyone experience the Engine code PO141 Generic 02 Heater Circuit Bank 1 Sensor 2?

Just came up on my NSX. Not sure what to do next.

Please Help.:confused:

Jeff, wait for others to chime in for sure but
I believe that is simply the post [after / closest to tail pipe ] cat 02 sensor on the rear bank [ closest to trunk]. Probably the easiest to change. If you do it yourself,the engine should be absolutely cold and get an o2 socket [imperative]- Very inexpensive at harbor freight. - a minor repair. Suggest you not get a universal 02 sensor - but the right one, with correct length wire and connector.
Silver2002 thanks for the info. On my dash the brake lamp light is on which was odd as well since I checked all my rear bulbs and they are working fine. Sounds like with the brake lamp on that might be part of it? Not sure.