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Engine Noise!

10 May 2001
HI every one. Well my freind is interested in buying a 91 nsx with 40k miles on it. Its got down pipes and k&n filters, some kinda racing cluth the rest original. ) The car was setting in the garage for 4 months because the owner was over sea's. Today we went to start the car and we heard a ticking noise from the top of the engine which i think is the lifters but not sure. We kinda drove it around the block but not too far and we had it runing for about 10 minutes it did reach a normal temperture and the noise did not go away. Could it be the lifters or maybe engine damage thanks a bunch??? :mad:
Valve adjustment would help. it did in my case. Prob need timing belt job if not done yet.
I had a ticking noise (all clickity) coming from the engine - a valve adjustment did the trick. About $300 bucks from a dealer. Its hard to say without hearing the "ticking"
HI everyone. Well today we went and drove it around for about 30 minutes on the freeway and locally and its still the same noise. Thw owner says that the car never made this sound before and he thinks it could be the timing belt indicator or just needs to be drivin for a few days. So thats the amount of input i can come up with for now. It could be the timing belt needing to be changed or just valve adjustment. :smile:
91 MY without TB change.. You should just do it. that is 14yrs on the TB. Do valve adjustment at the same time. You will be amaze that engine will even be smoother than right now.

Of course. Water pump along with TB change.
Any good mechanics for the nsx in washington or oregon area????
Doesn't sound to me like the car has been too well cared for. When was the last time the Timing belt was changed? does he have service records?
HI all. Yes he does have reciepts. He changed the clutch at 30k miles, new tires and rims, The top of the car is painted red , lowered real nicely, nice pipes and headers. synthatic oil was used all the time, no leaks or anything just alittle dusty cus the car was setting for months. original owner 57k miles on it and he has not changed the timing belt yut so i am thinking its the timing belt thats needs to be done. Clean car looks nice.
The timing belt and water pump should have been done 7 years ago! It is probably in need of a valve adjustment also. Make sure you account for that in the price.
HI again . He told us that the timing belt if due at 60k and not before that.
97NSX said:
HI again . He told us that the timing belt if due at 60k and not before that.
He is wrong. As noted in the FAQ and owner’s manual, it’s 90,000 miles or 6 years - which ever occurs first.

97NSX said:
91 nsx with 40k miles on it... original owner 57k miles on it...
Which is it: 40,000 miles or 57,000 miles?

Even though the timing belt is long overdue for replacement, I don’t think the noise can be attributed to it. As others have said, the car might need the valves adjusted.
ChopsJazz said:
The car doesn't have lifters. Overhead cams.

Well, actually it has six Lost Motion Assemblies which are identical, except that they perform a differant function. When v-tech is passive, they put pressure on the second set of intake rockers to keep them from sounding like very loose valves. Like lifters, when they sit for months AND the oil is not clean or fresh, they do not pump up fully.

Like evryone said, the t-belt is WAY overdue. Just do it. Adjust the valvess, and change the oil.

My .02,
Sure is nice of Mark to hand out expert advice for free on this sight, Thanks!
By the way how much are they asking for the car and did you read the #'s on the tranny for snap ring range ?
Thank you every one for the advise. Special thanks to Mark for taking the time out to respond, your very kind. Well i am not sure about the snp ring issue but i'll look into it. Looks like were gone buy her tomorrow morning. Asking price is $33000. I well do what mark said do the valve adjustment and change the timing belt. I wish i lived in Arizona or had a way to get the car to Mark Bosch to do al this :0) thanks.
does $33,000 sound a bit high to anyone else with timingbelt having never been done and an unexplained ticking?

i'm nowhere near expertise as most of these guys, but that sounds a bit high, especially since u just mentioned you "don't know" about the snap ring issue

DEFINATELY find out about snap ring... check the FAQ here for info, it's "need-to-know" stuff
If it needs a timing belt and valve adjustment, you are getting robbed if you pay 33k. Maybe 30K.
HI everyone. Just bought the car for $29000. Talked him down 4 g's the car is extremely sharp. Never seen a low car like this before anywhere including nsxprime very expensive rims and exost pipes and too many things to list. I'll get some pics soon and you can see looks like a newer nsx thanks.
Congrats, the first thing that I would do is take out that K&N. Does more damage than good.
Sockeye said:
what problems does the K&N intake cause and what would you suggest ? the stock air box?

lol I suggest a supercharger on your intake.
but for the actual question, the k/n intake has been shown on the dyno to not make a difference. I'd either go back to stock airbox, or use the cantrell intake scoop. or both!
Sockeye said:
what problems does the K&N intake cause and what would you suggest ? the stock air box?

Been told by numerous people concerning numerous cars that K&N does nothing for power. Also, due to the K&N being oily, they tend to cause MAFS problems. While they can let more air in, they also let more dirt in. A clean OEM filter will let almost the same (if not equal) air in, but filter out all the crap you don't want going in. I guess the K&N filters are cleanable, but I would rather spend a few extra bucks to buy an OEM more often because it could be more costly if a K&N damages what's after the filter.
K & N--Yes or NO

Any other opinions on the K&N? I put the K&N on mine several years back just to avoid spending $50 for the paper filters that should cost $10--not looking for more power really, but I never heard anything negative before??
Hi guys. Thanks for everyones help. The car runs really nice, lok lke its not in the snap ring also. Yes i well remove the k&n filter as soon as i locate the original box and the filter. Looks like its not very popular with peopl. Besides that we well change the timing belts and do a complete service on it. Once again thank you all :smile: