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Engine Noise!

I've never had a problem with K&N's. I've run both panel and cone filters of their for years. I've heards of the oil messing up MAF meters, but all of the cars I've used them on have had MAP engine managment. I believe the NSX is a MAP system as well, but I'm not 100% on that. On the dyno, I actually showed 1 more HP with the K&N than I did with an open pipe.
97NSX said:
Hi guys. Thanks for everyones help. The car runs really nice, lok lke its not in the snap ring also. Yes i well remove the k&n filter as soon as i locate the original box and the filter. Looks like its not very popular with peopl. Besides that we well change the timing belts and do a complete service on it. Once again thank you all :smile:
If you need the stock airbox, I have one for sale off my 91. The filter is OEM with 4-5000 miles on it. PM me if you're interested.