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engine swap

13 November 2000
This question may either be dumb or outrageous, but I need to know if anyone has tried to replace his 3.0 with a new 3.2? I need to buy an early model NSX, switch engines, and add Comptech upgrades.
You'd be better off buying a '97 than swapping the engine into an older car. There were a lot of other improvements in the later model, such as the six-speed tranny.
Not to mention the astronomically high engine prices. 22K for the engine alone I hear.
For that difference in money, its MUCH cheaper just to buy a '97
You can get an engine from salvage car with tranny and wiring for around $6,000

If the engine is on it's end of life and you don't want to get rid of the car maybe it is worth for $6-7k Then sell you engine for parts to get some money back.
Actually, NSXTASY, the transmission's got to go, too, and more. But if engine alone is 22K, I've either got a lot of shopping to do, or MAOMAONSX hit it right on the nose. I've considered something like his suggestion, but I need to sell the car(s) as "new" when I'm finished with it/them. I wonder if I could get away with that? It's a good possibility if it's done right. I'll visit your site, MAOMAO. WINREBOOT, what is "salvage car"? A company? Thanks, guys. You've been helpful.
When you visit my site, make sure to click on the link to REVOLUTION and see the engine program they offers. They can make a 360hp NSX motor for $15k. they use cosworth pistons and TWM throttle bodies with other mandatory engine work like porting, balancing, etc. Now of course you are not going to send your motor to Japan for it, but you can have the samething done here by a good shop.

Please visit my NSX tuning page! Mods, Japanese NSX related stuff, pics!
I need to sell the car(s) as "new" when I'm finished with it/them.

All the more reason to spend a bit more for a '97+ instead of spending a lot of money on labor (as well as parts) to do the transplant. The amount you spend to get the '97+ will retain much more resale value than the money you put into the older car to do the transplant.
For 22k you can get 97+ salvage nsx with a hard nose hit but good engine to swap. Plus a lots of other goodies that you can sell.
Check out www.iaai.com and search for nsx they have two right now or www.copart.com they have one for parts too.

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Check out www.iaai.com and search for nsx they have two right now

...which are a '93 and a '94.

or www.copart.com they have one for parts too.

Looks like you have to have an account with them to search.

Finding a totaled '97+ won't be easy, you'll still have to pay for it, and you'll still have to pay for the labor to do the swap. Add the cost of the '91 and you'll wind up paying more than you would for a used '97, for a car that's worth a lot less.
MAOMAO, I've been to your site. Nice cars, nice site. Wouldn't mind being seen in the blue one, of course. 360Hp is good, but I'm afraid it won't cut it for this project. Show me 430+ hp, and I'm all ears. No, show me 0-60 in less than four with retained integrity(please). But I'll take a look.
NSXTASY, your suggestions may prove prophetic. Really. I'll check out those sites you and WINREBOOT mentioned.
I figured you guys would ask me what on earth I was doing, but you shot straight. Thank you for your open opinions.
Thank you, again, NSXTASY, I've got your names. You'll be the first to see. By the way, Comptech said they've heard reports from some of their customers of high threes and low fours in 0-60 times. Does that gel with anyone?
Your best bet for big power is to rebuilt your motor for turbos. You will never get to 430hp N/A for $22k. Plus, you would probably need to run extreme compression ratios to get that much hp without force induction. Which means the car will not be streetable.
Go with a twin turbo set-up and you can get 430hp or more easily.

Please visit my NSX tuning page! Mods, Japanese NSX related stuff, pics!
MAOMAO, can you be more specific about the twins,ie., brand, manufacturer, distributor, or anything else special? Or tell me where exactly to look in your site?
Everyone, got the info. Appreciated. I'm an artist. Need any assistance in that arena(I know its unlikely, but....), e-mail me.
No. The Bell kit will not get you much over 400 hp, no matter what you do. First, the little Aerodynes are good turbos, but their MAXIMUM (i.e. theoretical, perfect, lab-like conditions) output rating is 230 hp each. That's 460 at the crank or 391 hp at the rollers.

However, the real world limit is lower. For example, you can not run them reliably over 8 psi on an NSX. If you do the math, you will see that past that, you will exceed the their rpm limits when you get to high engine rpms. They would make good low end power at high boost, but are not capable of keeping up with a 3.0L or 3.2L engine at 8000 rpm. I have been through the calculations with Corky twice (trying to get my car over 500 hp). He will tell you not to go past 8 psi.

I pulled the kit off my car and I am having a custom single turbo installation built with an air to liquid intercooler. We are sizing the turbo for 700 hp. Bob Norwood (http://www.bobnorwood.com ) is doing the work.
David, that sort of exceeds my 430hp minimum. Very interesting. Bolt-ons are quickly becoming less than desirable for my project. I'll be contacting Mr. Norwood. Thank you.