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EuroBoutique Owner's viewpoint review of the 2022 Type-S and fun facts, neat features

15 October 2003
West coast!
We spent a lot of time doing this video and had a lot of fun talking about our blue NC1 with the SOS parts vs. the stock NSX Type-S!


Please give us your input, comments, what we can improve and ideas!

We will bring this car to NSXPO 2022 with a lot of cool CF parts so if you plan to be attending please stop by and say hello!


EB staff
Nice review..
So we spent the weekend taking the dash apart to install our carbon fiber center trim and adding a beefier CF steering wheel with extended CF paddles!

Take a look, you see anything different?

here's the full video documenting the process:

This NSX is slowly coming together as we finish off the interior. The red seat belts really pop with all the carbon fiber parts installed. Dramatically changes the interior character of the car - no more shiny aluminum - YAY!