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Exhaust silencers?

9 March 2002
Hi all,

I have the ARK exhaust and noticed that there are a hole in each tip, my guess it is bolt on some sort of silencers? If so, does anyone know where I can get some as I am starting to drive my son around, I don't want to hurt his ears.. :)

If not, i'll be looking for a quieter stainless steel exhaust... any trades out there? :tongue:
I have both the DT-S dual tip and the DT-X quad tip ARK exhaust. the DT-S is a bit louder. Silencer didnt really work because the bend just before the tip make the silencer difficult to fit. you have to cut down the silencer tube length to get the silencer in the tip.

I ended up with a DT-X exhaust, which is much more quiet.
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