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exhaust tip...any difference in sound

8 March 2000
Austin, TX USA
Would changing the stock tips on my stock muffler make any change in sound? What is the difference in resonated tips?

92 Red/Blk
Was planning on getting some that were bigger in diameter. Does the resonating material make them louder vs. non-resonated ones of the same diameter?
I have comptech tips on mine... it looks like they were taken off of the mufflers as you cant find comptech tips.... but they do have the laser engraved comptechUSA logo on the top of them and they're stainless steel... the sound really isnt all that loud... cant really compare it to anything other than my own NSX as I've never been in anyone else's NSX... but I've been told that as i'm taking of with my foot to the floor it sounds pretty mean... like i said i am not able to tell any difference in the cabin over the sound of just the regular acceleration.... i'd go with mufflers if you're looking for more sound
I changed out the exhaust tips and now it looks and sounds like the RM exhaust. (just kidding). I wish it could be that simple. It does look 10 times better than the OEM oval tips. There was NO difference in sound whatsoever. Whenever I think of resonated exhaust tips all I can think of is the sound of all those ricey Civics and Integras that plague my city streets with that obnoxious sound of a bumble bee in a tin can.
Would you be interested in buying my Comptech exhaust? I currently have an RM, Comptech resonated, and stock exhaust in my garage. I was considering installing the COmptech exhaust for my California trip to Laguna Seca as the RM exhaust is WAY too loud. I may want to keep it till then, let me know if you're interested.

Thanks / Chris

Chris Willson