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Ext. Color Preference

8 March 2000
Austin, TX USA
What exterior colors do you guys like? Looking for 91-93 so my options are Red, Black, Silver, and White. Can't find any whites or silver. Probably would prefer silver. Red looks nice but what about the cops? Don't they notice/give more tickets to red cars. Plenty of black out there, but is it hard to keep clean, water spots, ect. Any input appreciated.
Funny; bought my Red/Tan on Friday in Arlington, TX and got a ticket in the first 90mins! 99 in 65. I was heading to Los Angeles and was trying to make time. Who knows what part the color played.
Sorry to hear about your ticket, actually got one last night for "unsafe lane change"

What year/milage is your NSX? Where did you buy it? Price, condition, ect?

Looking for one and will be ready to buy in May/June.
I drive a 91 Silver/Black and I ALWAYS get comments on the color. IMO it is one of the best color combos out there. But there weren't many produced. I attended an NSX club drive with 31 NSXes (yes, 31) and there was only one other Silver/Black.

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I was test driving a red/black '94 last week and almost got caught twice! The cop tailed me for over a mile in residential area while I was test driving the car. I'm looking at a white one now. Hope to get the loan approved.
Well, here is my take on the color issue:

First of all, you have to decide what kind of car you want your NSX to be. A) The ultimate Ferrari killer, or B) The ultimate luxuary car dressed up in running shoes, or C) Not sure

If you answered A) Then congratuations, you probably bought either red or yellow. I just bought a Y2K Yellow one and the cops litterally follow me home at the end of the day. They have even taken to setting up radar in the morning 1/4 mile from my home, just in hopes of catching me. I think I will have to stop by the police station just so they can all get this out of their systems. It really gets on my nerves. The only other NSX for almost 100 miles is the Red 91 that Lud has. I am sure he gets noticed too. God only knows what kinds of police "assistance" we would be in for if we went out driving at the same time. Red does seem to be the most popular color by far.

If you answered B) then you most likely bought Kaiser Silver, Black, Dark Green, Dark Blue, or any of the various other luxury sedan colors that look great on my BMS 740i, but not so hot for me on the NSX. But, to each his own... that is why the come in various colors. I do know it is much harded to sell Green and then Black. There is just not the market.

If you answered C) you are probably too indecicive to own an NSX in the first place, but you would have opted for either white or silver. These tend to blend with the wheel finish and look really nice. The while can look fairly genaric. It almost looks like you didn't have time to put all the sponsorship stickers on it yet. It can also look very much like the space shuttle if you go the extra mile and put white wheels on it. Nice look for the car.

Gordon G. Miller, III
Y2K NSX #51
[email protected]
My 2 cents:

I think that in the early years, black is the best color. First of all, it is the only color that doesn't result in that silly two tone paint scheme. Second, if you can find one, the black/ivory cars are beautifull.

My current car ('91) is silver and it is classically beautiful. Also, I had the roof painted to match the body and I recommend doing this. It doesn't cost much and makes the car look much better (and much newer).
I thought Black/Ivory was the best - until I saw one in person.
Black on black - blue on black, silver on black without the two tone scheme are my favs..