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F-1 Tire rule Travesty

4 April 2002
Sacramento CA
Kimi's mistake of flat spotting a tire which arguably led to an unavoidable incident could have cost him, the team, and possibly some innocents a lot more than the 10's of $1000's of dollars that it did. Can anyone say this was not a needless incident stemming from a ridiculous rule? And on top of that, Max Mosley insults our intelligence by saying he solicits our comments !!! :mad: Are those guys detached from reality or what?
No doubt. The incident could have been far worse, but it could have been easily prevented. I agree that it is a very dumb rule, especially from a safety standpoint.
Kimi could have pitted and replaced the tire but he would have lost his position on the track. FI will allow tire changes for safety reasons not performance. There was another F1 car who replaced his front left tire that was cording. Of course because of the pitstop he finished dead last, I think it was Trulli.
FI will allow tire changes for safety reasons not performance

Agreed, but does it matter? How does the rule work? If it's the official's call that the tire is still safe and they change it, what's the penalty? Or does the rule state that they cannot replace the tire during a normal re-fueling pit stop and the penalty is therefore automatic? So either way, there's a penalty, forcing teams to error on the side of risk, no?

Seems to me, safety has been unavoidably compromised by this rule, nevermind the handcuffs on performance/competition. It's not the same as saving fuel.
At Monte Carlo, Alonzo's tires were shot also. And this rule is one of several instituted to lower the cost of F1 racing!? It is a bad rule and I bet it will be changed before the year is out, hopefully before a terrible loss of life.

Is it ironic or hypocritical that Max Mosley repeatedly says that he is emphasizing safety in F1?
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Re: New Rule

Norbert Haug asked the FIA during the race if he could change the tire for safety reasons without punishment. FIA refused.

I just finished watching the 2nd half of the race last night and am now more appalled than before. Varsha, Hobbs and all of us in the peanut gallery were certainly concerned about that tire and the suspension long before the crash. And the number of offs by decent drivers not under pressure including Alonzo and Schumi screamed volumes. :mad: If a cheap ass newbie club racer ran on tires that bad, he'd be ridiculed out of the paddock.

New Rule: give them back their tire changes and make the drivers wear an eye patch, size 16 hiking boots and oven mitts. While still dangerous, that should provide just as much new challenge without nearly as much threat to life and limb.