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Factory wheel options on early cars?

I think you might have seen the Zanardi Model that came with its own style wheels in a darker grey color. I don't have any pics but a quick search should pull some up.
Yep, your right.
Standard BBS forged wheel?
Or were they diferent?
(Now to try and find a set)
Thanks in advance!
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MCM said:
Were optional wheels offered on the early cars?

The only optional wheels that were offered were white wheels, on white cars during the '94-01 period (and I'm not sure whether they were offered in all years during that period).

However, you can buy any of the factory wheels and put them on any NSX (you may need a spacer to put the '02-05 stock wheels on an earlier car though, and the front '91-93 wheels won't clear the brake calipers on a '97+ NSX).
FAQ was a big help to me on wheels that will interchange by yr/wheel/size.
I guess my question is, are Zanardi NSX edition BBS wheels
different from over the counter BBS NSX wheels of similar style?
Also, I believe they may have been sold over the counter through ACURA
as there seem to be more Zanardi wheels floating around than the 50 sets
that came on the cars.
(Am on a mission to find a set for my future 91-93 NSX)
Now have a want add here for a Black/Ivory car, and a set of wheels!

Here are some nice shots of the wheels on this link.


Thanks for the info! Its obvious I am new to these cars but trying to learn at warp speed! All help is greatly appreciated!
you should be able to order a set from any Acura dealer:
not cheap at $4k!