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factorynsxtech....made deal, then disappeared.

1 May 2001
Point of No Return
I was contacted by user 'factorynsxtech' about a set of wheels that I had for sale last month. I advised him that I had just had someone else back out of a deal after wasting several weeks of my time, and did not want to deal with that again, so if he was serious we could talk. I answered a series of questions for him, and long story short, he makes me an offer and says, "if you can do it for $X,XXX including shipping its a deal. Im in T.O. Canada". I accepted his offer eventhough it was less than I wanted because I was tired of dealing with PMs from time wasters on the wheels. I told him I needed his address to ship the wheels and days passed. Then a week. Finally I am getting flashbacks of the last deadbeat 'buyer' and I send him a note asking what the heck is going on, another week has passed with nothing. He sends me back, "Sorry Something more important came up. I will have to let give deal to someone else". No other explanation, just that. This is now the second person that made an accepted offer and flaked. If you cannot back up an offer here on Prime, DO NOT MAKE THE OFFER!! Sellers beware.